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320d ticking and smoking

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Hi all, this is my 1st post on here after reading for many months, all the advice and help that is on offer.

I am after any advice please as I feel like im hitting my head against a brick wall.

a little bit of history.......... I brought this bmw 320d 2002 and it was running very poor. It smoked all the time, made a ticking noise when you accelerated, lacked power. I replaced the turbo as that was throwing oil everywhere. I took off the intercooler, all pipework, egr, inlet manifold etc etc and took it all to my local jet wash, cleaned it all out and left for a week to dry properly. I refitted the new turbo, new oil feed, new crankcase breather(although it already had the vortex system, I still replaced it)new oil, new filter. I was going to de-flap it, but this has already been done, thankfully. 

so now I still have the problem of the ticking noise when you accelerate hard i.e foot to the floor and a puff of black smoke come out the back end. It starts 1st time and drives ok to add to the confusion. I have plugged it into inpa and all the cylinders are ticking over fine, however when i try to look at the selective mass adjustment, its a bit of hit and miss as to whether it reads the injectors properly. Number 4 i dont ever get a reading from on the SMA screen, and the other 3 sometimes they read and others they dont. I do get an error when i load inpa and select my e46 and it says there might be a malfunction as the software is incompatible but everything else works. 

I also dont have any error codes stored and no eml light on, never have.

So today i decided to try a leak off test (excuse the cups, thats all i had to hand) to see if my injectors were working properly, these are the results:

So this test was carried out as 3 mins tick over, followed by 30 seconds fast idle at 3k followed by another 30 second tickover.

Cylinders are 1 on the left and 4 on the right



Then i did another test, 20 seconds tick over followed by 2 mins at 3k

again cyliner 1 on the left and 4 on the right



I am guessing that the ticking/knocking noise and smoke is too much diesel is being fed through on fast idle(driving foot flat down) and is causing the problems? or am i barking up the wrong tree and and i am looking in the wrong direction? any advice would be greatly appreciated:-)

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Firstly, my knowledge on diesels is limited but when I hear or read about ticking noises on engines I usually think of sticky hydraulic cam followers. 

Is the ticking at crank speed or cam speed. Cam speed is about twice that of the crank if you can understand what I'm saying and can hear the noise at tickover. 

I'm guessing that you believe that an injector is ticking?

The lesser amount from 2&3 than 1&4 seems odd on your leak down test and may indicate an issue with flow rates but I'm not sure it diagnoses the ticking. 

I'd seek garage advice from a reputable independent that has knowledge on diesels before spending money on injectors until the ticking is sorted out.

The oil change you did would likely have had a positive effect on the ticking if it is a sticky cam follower. 

It's so hard to diagnose noises online. 


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