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E46 330i Sport.

The rear arches are now very rusty. I can't find any place to get them done - some don't want to do it becasue they can't guarantee they won't rust through again, others want several times the value of the car to do it.

The other day I saw an E46 with some chrome effect arch covers, and while I didn't like the chrome, I wondered if more discrete versions were available, or whether they were available to paint in body colour and clip-on?

Or any other ideas to tidy up the arches on an otherwise very nice condition but worthless car?


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My personal opinion - live with it! That's what i've done.. Had the car since 2008 now and had all 4 arches done multiple times over the years!

The problem is no bodyshop will do it PROPERLY. If done PROPERLY then iron oxide can be treated so that it stops and doesn't come back again. It's a simple chemical reaction and the technology exists to stop it.

But no bodyshop will do it properly so it'll come back. They age-old "replace or it'll come back" rubbish is still sadly the only way to go with most bodyshops.

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