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E46 325ci convertible roof woes

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Hi all,

I have a 2003 E46 325ci convertible and the roof has never worked for me.

Whenever I press the button it just instantly shows up a solid red light and nothing happens.

Once in a hundred times it will start to open and open about 1 inch, and then stop and then I get the flashing red light until I manually close the roof.

I have checked the common wiring split at the bend of the roof above the UK passenger or US driver door and it was all perfectly in tact.

I've checked the fuses and all are fine.

I've checked the fluid reservoir and it is bang on on the dot in the middle of the circle.

My boot/trunk works with the button on the back and doesn't display as permanently open on the dash.

I have recently obtained INPA and NCSExpert, I've scanned the CVM module and it says no codes found, I've tried resetting the CVM module with NCSExpert and still nothing.

Any ideas on what I could do next?

This is driving me crazy..! 

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INPA has an option to scan everything. It's close to impossible you have no codes at all. Find other codes and work out which of them could be connected to the roof.

I am guessing: the roof mechanism probably has a sensor to detect obstruction so that it doesn't chop someone's finger off. Perhaps that sensor is detecting a permanent obstruction? May be it has shorted from age/water.

Temperature cycling can wear out electronics parts. It's possible the CVM module itself is kaputz from ageing, or its electrical connector has oxidised.

INPA has the ability to control module functions directly. Perhaps it will say something if you use it to control the roof?

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Is the drop down section in the boot, which can be raised when the roof is up , in the correct position ?



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Guys need some help. When i press roof up button. The top lock turns but the latchs wont unlatch- the top lock motor has no broken gears at all. 


Any ideas ? 

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