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  2. I didnt get an email notification sorry, the car is going in to be repaired after the drive belt kept coming off causing £800 damage (twice!) going in to a specialist indie next week so hopefully back on the road soon.
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  4. Thanks for the offer bud but I know the fault - I just don't see the point in replacing the sensor if it doesn't manifest as a problem. lol. I see it as good 'ol BMW adding extra sensors where they're not needed. But yeah, big, comfy barge! Kids love it. My 6yr old can stand up fully in the back. 2 years later it still cracks him up so I definitely picked right. Haha. If it's not your primary car - restore it! 100%, without a shadow of a doubt, restore it! I wish I could've kept mine, but didn't have the space at the time to hang onto it to restore it. The missus wouldn't have liked it either so it had to go. But the values are creeping back up nicely. Especially for the 3.0ltr versions. Both petrol and especially the 204bhp diesel. We all still miss my E46. The kids loved the handling and how fast it was. Every time they see an E46 they get excited! I had loads of people admire it, even in that state. If you have the time/space/cash - absolutely restore it! At some point in the next few years I think the values of good examples will rocket!
  5. Jesus, that's bad, even after the so-called repair. Finding a decent body shop is almost impossible now as no one is willing to put in the work to do a proper job but they'll gladly accept your money and leave you with rusting arches 6 months down the line. Not sure what to do with my 330Ci... Either restore it [I've bought a lot of parts recently] or replace it with an F32/36 440i. If I sell it I'll probably regret it as I love the styling and the way it drives + people of all ages admire it. Restoring it will be big money and resprays are never as good as factory paint in terms of thickness and durability. E70, nice! Comfy ride and handles well (considering the size). Re: the sensor - any specialist nearby with diagnostic software? I've got ISTA but you're too far from me.
  6. Yes mine was repaired by my local BMW stealership under warranty. It lasted all of 10 months because of poor workmanship then they wouldn't re-do it. I took it to a couple of local bodyshops over the years but again they never did any of it properly. I even bought brand new front wings but because the bodyshop never sealed it correctly they started to rust too - even after assuring me they'd done it. This is a picture of the worst arch. The front, drivers side jacking point collapsed too. Not great overall. Thankfully the E70 is completely different! Lots of plastic panels and there doesn't seem to be any rust issues on them. Bloody heavy, though! And too many sensors.. lol. I currently have a failed rear suspension level sensor on it. It's been warning me for the last 2/3 months but the car drives fine, the suspension works fine, it goes up and down as it should, it's even at the correct ride height. So i'm not sure why it's there! I'm holding off before I have to pay ~£200 to fix it. I still miss the E46. My kids miss it too, they remember it being "dads race car" because it was fast! lol. The E70 is a slooooow tank but they love the space. Maybe next time i'll get an M50d so it'll be a fast tank! lol
  7. Good to see another active member. Shame you had to sell but understandable. They're great cars but the achilles heel is the rust. IIRC, you had the rear arches 'repaired' under warranty, didn't you?
  8. I still check in on the forum every now and then but the E46 went in 2022. Too much arch rust to justify the cost to fix. I sold it to someone from who put the engine and drivetrain into a 320Cd. So it still lives on in a way!
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  11. Does anyone else have an E46 in 2024 or am I the only one? Haha
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  13. Hope you're well. Do you still have the 46? Any updates?
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  16. I just bought a 2002 bmw 330xi drivers side door and front quarter panel have been replaced im guessing from an accident. Does anyone have pictures of how a complete wiring setup should look for the drivers side door panel. My mirror controls are not working. The passenger mirror will adjust when put in reverse. I checked all fuses and switch’s pulled the panel off it looks like it’s missing a couple things. Does anyone know where I can find a picture or diagram I can use as a reference.
  17. Hi friends, I need help finding images of tombs for a new project. Looking for high quality photos to convey an atmosphere of mystery and historical significance. Maybe someone has come across something like this and knows good resources for such images?
  18. This is the place for anything and everything M57 https://www.facebook.com/groups/3010636552593002/ Called "M57 Performance". Beware, there's a lot of people who have tuned their motors to the n'th and are a little snappy about what they consider to be basic questions. But there's plenty of good, knowledgeable people on there.
  19. Thanks for that, good idea about the facebook groups, ill give it a go. Are you in one , any good ?
  20. Never done it, but looks like there's only 1 sensor on the E46 330d (assuming that's what you're asking for) which goes in at the top of the CAT and looks like it plugs in somewhere towards the rear of the engine? Not sure. Definitely looks like something that'd be easier if you could remove the air filter box. http://bmwfans.info/parts-catalog/E46-Touring/Europe/330d-M57N/R-N/mar2004/browse/exhaust_system/diesel_catalyst/ You might get a quicker reply on one of the Facebook groups tbh, there's not many people left on here.
  21. Hi, got this fault code which i think is the pre cat oxygen sensors. Got a couple of bosch sensors to install, assuming they are under the air intake housing, but the job looks easier said than done !!. Any help/advice would be appreciated fom anyone who has tackled this job. Thanks.
  22. Your drivetrain cannot make noises if in park - it's not moving and no gear is engaged! If the car is making noises when standing still it has to be engine related. You may be better off taking it to a mechanic who can diagnose it for you.
  23. Ok guys I've heard some noise coming from what I thought was the front diff on my 330xi, i did notice it leaking and topped it off recently but it may have ran low before I caught it. I hear it in park even and it seems if I rev up the engine and let off it will kind of stop. but it's not an engine noise. Today now, I noticed I was going and the car bogged way way down and started to pull to the right, then after a few seconds it "caught" and started going again for a bit, only to repeat the slowdown. So, I'm going to take a look at it but these days of new born fatherhood my time to investigate things is extremely limited so I'm trying to get the scoop before i start checking things out. Can anyone give me advice on how to narrow it down to an axle, diff, transfer case, etc.? Thanks much in advance!
  24. So, I've had this code present for a while now and it's been sitting in the back of my mind long enough that it's starting to bother me now as problems are slowly starting to build up I don't have an EML on however there is an ever so slight missfire at idle unless I have the A/C on (possibly related to the camshaft code), how easy is it to replace/get a hold of the correct sensor that I need?
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