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  2. Los desgloses de los personajes del casting, que no deben confundirse con los desgloses del guión, a menudo son proporcionados por agentes de producción que envían a sus clientes al casting, que proporciona un breve resumen del personaje (edad, género, raza o etnia, situaciones en las que pueden involucrado en).Palma, audiciones, castings, actuación, música, animador, cantante, coreógrafo, presentador, edecan, display, impulsadora. más información click https://palma.bedpage.es/Auditions/
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  4. Thanks very much for this. I Googled this in desperation, as the shelf rumble on my 330ci was driving me up the wall. It took 20 careful minutes and problem completely solved. Thanks again!.
  5. Tanya34

    bmw e46

    Good choice of car. But it is better to update the acoustics. I had this, the sound was not very.
  6. Little bit late on the money point... I'm probably already over 2 grand deep in maintenance and mods so far, most recently a remap The kick plates are indeed individual, I must have another look on ISTA as I believe it has the full spec list on there, think I remember something about a black headliner being one of the options
  7. Welcome! Lovely looking thing that! Very nice! RE: the seats - 90% sure they're not individual. I didn't think 2-tone seats were available even as an individual option. They look like they've been dyed or something. Done very well, mind! Bolster wear is very common on sports seats. It can affect the side and the base on the side you get into the car. When the cars were more valuable a common fix was to get an upholsterer to replace the bolster leather. Could've been that a previous owner decided to replace them with black to make them 2-tone. This is what a normal red/black interior would look like. This one has the Piano black trim too (individual option, not my car btw..). You can see the bolster wear on the base of the drivers seat on this one, after a while they can collapse especially if the driver is errr.. Heavy! lol Have you had the boot floor checked? Should be OK on yours but always worth looking at before you plough too much money into it. EDIT: These are Blackberry seats which were an individual option: Also the sill kick-plates usually say "BMW Individual" on them.
  8. Hi all, acquired this 330ci back in May replacing a previous 318ci now that insurance is more favourable.. Highlight has to be the 2 Tone seats, which I believe where individual specced. Since I've bought the car I've fitted SSDD motorsport black grills, as the standard ones had been taken out before and the tabs broken. Fitted a 9" touch screen chinese head unit to replace the original nav. Most importantly fitted eisenmann rear resonator delete pipe and a race muffler, which sounds awesome. Future plans are some BC racing suspension and possibly some wheels, although very indecisive on this - leaning most towards BBS LMs or CSL reps.
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    Yes central works
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    GM5 module? does the central locking work?
  12. Kate


    E46 O2. Windscreen washers. Wipers windows not working from switches. Indicators working but not showing on dash. Any ideas of what the problem might be
  13. Thought I'd update as there is nothing worse than searching a running issues and finding a thread that is the same as your issue with no conclusion!!! Took the head off and found that I had a burnt exhaust valve on cylinder no1, had a 3mm hole in it!! I checked over the condition of the piston and cylinder bore which was suprsiingly all good. Had a look for replacement valves and tools but came across a recently refurbished complete head for not much more than the cost of valves and tools etc. New head fitted along with new headgasket etc and it runs perfectly again.
  14. ive had it not throw a code and it was sending incorrect values to the ecu, the car thought it was working fine as it was getting the info, it’s just the info was incorrect. plus it’s so easy to test it, simply unplug and go for a drive it either improves or doesn’t.
  15. Hi Thanks for the response. if it was the MAF wouldn't it have thrown a fault code?
  16. Just wanted to say after a lot of reading and buying some adapters. The HK speakers are already in a plastic adapter ring which will fit better than any piece of mdf or abs you can buy from eBay. I had not read this anywhere so wasted £6. Peel the tiny metal tabs back and remove, then orientate your speaker to suit your application pop a few pilot holes in and screw it down. I also used some foam tape in the sandwich but it’s probably not necessary, bmw used glue.
  17. What can be more practical and beautiful in one time than BMW? Thanks for this model. I wish I bought it. That's why I work hard and write superior essay
  18. Unfortunately, I have not heard about these devices, but I am sure you can find a lot of information about them on the Internet. Recently I saw an interesting article about Ontario university strike https://diggingdivestment.net/ontario-university-professors-next-strike/ It turned out that in recent days there has been quite a lot of information on the Ontario University Strike. The fact is that it started last week and is still going on now. As of this writing, there are over three hundred students that have lost their jobs and it is a huge problem for all those people who depend on this income flow. Well, the first thing you need to know is that the Professional Teachers Organization is trying to do something with the University. This organization has been without a president since March. They went without a negotiator pretty much since last Friday. Without a strike date, the faculty and the union were in deadlock and no progress was being made. Now the Ontario University has issued a statement saying they will conduct their own negotiations.
  19. they sit a little proud by design but years of lifting the bonnet with it will lead it to bend out. you can bend it back but it will always be visible
  20. Hi, What's causing a bonnet latch to stick out through the kidney grill? Cheers Matt
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  24. Hey TMW, I am aware this thread is half a decade old but any chance you got this problem sorted out? I've swapped my lambda sensor but the issue remains the same. Any info is appreciated, thanks!
  25. I seem to have looked everywhere but cannot seem to find out how much louder a Eisenmann race muffler is than stock. does any one have a decent video without headers on. I'm looking for a deep sounding exhaust, every one rates the UUC Corsa but seems abit to raspy to me any advice will be greatly appreciated
  26. I had one of those Thule (7402) bike racks for my (previous) SEAT Arosa (2001 - 2012).
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