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  2. incredirog


    there’s a lovely super low mileage 320ci up for £16.5k!!! no way is it selling at that price!
  3. pffft where’s the fun in that?! anyone can do anything in a fully kitted out workshop, it takes real talent to do jobs on sloped drive in any weather condition 😆
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  5. Hi Everyone, Just posting here to see if there's any interest in a G power supercharger kit for e46s (and e85s) , both m54 and s54. G power have agreed to give massive discounts for a couple of their kits. Including the s54 475gp kit, and the m54 300hp kit. If you are interested in supercharging but don't know much about G Power I recommend looking them up and doing a bit of research on them! The kits all have very high torque figures that kick in quick so the kits end up being quicker than they get credit for. Price wise you'd be looking the following These prices are including shipping. You will need to add vat on top. E85 s54 = €3968/ £3386/ $4708 E85 m54b30 = €2213/ £1888/ $2626 E85 m54b25 = €2213/ £1888/ $2626 E85 m54b22 = €2213/ £1888/ $2626 E46 s54 = €3966/£3384/ $4706 E46 m54b30 = €2090/ £1784/ $2480 E46 m54b25 = €2090/ £1784/ $2480 E46 m54b22 = €2090/ £1784/ $2480 Let me know here, or instagram (@lewisjennings2) or by email (lewisjennings1@gmail.com) if any take your fancy. Also to note, I'm not making any money off this it is purely because I want a cheap (but good) charger. Just a bit of extra info, The kits are designed to be DIY Il add to this bit if I remember anything I'm missing https://gp-infinitas.com/bmw-s54b32-kompressor-kits/ https://gp-infinitas.com/shop/supercharger/kompressor-system-m54-infinitas-skrs/ I know I have no history on this forum so ill link my original post from z4-forums. If that's not allowed let me know and I will remove! https://z4-forum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=130462
  6. dunk1


    God knows if they sell at these prices.
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  8. momo


    Regular, high-spec'd E46's are starting to climb in value again. I'm considering keeping my 330d now because it's a 6sp with Xenon and Sunroof - pretty rare combo! Body is f'ed mind.. lol. But nothing a couple of K couldn't fix if the car's value warranted it!
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  11. incredirog


    10k!!! there are 3 M3’s on auto trader for less than that
  12. dunk1


    Any jobs like this I just give it to my village garage, in fact they get pretty much every job these days
  13. done!! still got my face! had to compress on the lower part of the hat, which is NOT best practice. I’m a new convert to jacking the control arm up and releasing the nut with the strut in situ then lowering the jack to release the spring tension, unfortunately this is almost impossible to reverse as everything misaligns. Get the correct tools or get a garage to do it, I was terrified the whole time 🤣
  14. dunk1


    Our friends at webuyanycar.com just valued mine at £2600 which would no doubt drop when they went over it and pulled it on every mark lol
  15. dunk1


    I've just been looking on Autotrader and I'm quite surprised at what E46 convertibles are being advertised for. There's an 06 with 55k up at £10k and 4 pages of various E46 vert models/mileage above £4k
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  17. So I’ve been running a 318i on 330d H&R cup kit lowering springs for a while out of circumstance, just today got hold of some 318i lowering springs which I’m changing over so it shouldn’t look like it’s on stilts and hopefully will handle a little better. Kerb weight (touring) of the 318i is 1370kg, 330d is 1590kg obviously that’s a massive difference so I’m excited to see how it looks and feel how it drives! I’d forgotten how much fun it is doing these struts with a pair of widow makers!!
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  19. Recently I’ve acquired a new motor and it came with OEM CD player which doesn’t bother me as I’m happy with the looks of it and also the car is telephone Bluetooth prepared and fully working. I decided to get an upgrade for de CDC to Bluetooth/SD/USB from mr12volt. Everything should have been plug&play but the previous owner done the same upgrade but with an old device for iPhone 3/old iPod with wide connections and he modified some cables. When I plug de new unit CDC mode is missing, also lost sound over phone Bluetooth.
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  21. I also just got used to the form after buying a two-door BMW 3 Series, I am very pleased with the device. Access to knowledge you may not have: if you have to write about something that you yourself have no first-hand knowledge or qualifications with using a highly paper writing help online experienced and qualified ghost writer will often be the only way forward.
  22. that does seem to be a common fault, it can be adjusted by using different sized spring pads
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  25. dunk1


    Just thought i'd update this, had the car on my mates ramp and had a close look at the springs and nothing wrong. The car sits about 8mm lower on the drivers side rear but will leave it alone for now
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  29. 11 years for that and it was worth the wait 🤣
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