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  1. Mikey

    OEM Satnav

    For the Aux input, for the OEM SAt Nav the Intravee II is the best bit of kit for ipod integration. Probably be able to find one on Ebay. :)
  2. I'm in now after working out the display name change! ☺
  3. Mikey


    Definitely seems to have improved.
  4. Banks check the signature held on record against the form, if it differs the DD isn't processed, even if it does slip through you can cancel it straight away and recover any lost funds when proven that the form was not completed by the account holder. You don't even have to prove the form wasn't completed by you. All UK Direct Debits are covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee which means you can cancel at any time and request a full refund of the payment, no questions asked.
  5. When I sold my E46 M3, the guy did a bank transfer there and then from his phone. I checked my account a minute later, money was there and gave him the keys. Job done.
  6. Didn't take it which is unlike me but I was busy concentrating on him as thought he might try one in his pent up anger. He was a very angry man. Think he was expecting a bird to get out as he walked aggressively to my car as my little runabout has blacked out windows front and back. Don't think he was expecting a 6ft 1in guy to get out and not be bothered by his threats. He definitely had a bit of little man syndrome going on.
  7. Had a minor accident in my mini. Clashed door mirrors on narrow country lane near my house. Both cars door mirrors clean off. Other driver in Audi A4. Very angry man, saying it was my fault and consistently calling me a C U Next Tuesday. Naturally I wasn't very helpful and just said let's go through the insurance. He wanted me to accept responsibility but I just repeated about going through the insurance. Continued calling me a C U Next Tuesday and in between said if we go through the insurance it'll be knock for knock. Wow, genius so no ones fault then! Anyway wouldn't exchange details and took photos of my car and ended with saying I know where you live (he doesn't) and I'll sort this by other means so we shall see. Reported it to local police anyway to be on the safe side. Think he wanted to intimidate me but wasn't really working. Personally I think he had no insurance as he had no intention in exchanging details from the outset. Just bought replacement mirror from EBay for £35 so no major hardship on my side.
  8. You don't have to use Halfords Autocentres. I never have. The only reason they recommend them is because the AA have a contract with them so you don't have to pay anything out of your own money apart from the excess. If you use your own garage for the work to be carried out (has to be a VAT registered garage) you just need to get the quotation authorised by the AA before the work is carried out and pay for it yourself and them claim it back. That's what I've always done.
  9. Yeah, you need to be broken down and attended by an AA patrol before you can claim hence why I mentioned you need to be immobilised to make a claim. Both occasion for me it stopped my journey progressing so was able to be recovered to a garage and make a claim.
  10. Yep, I used it before on my E46 M3. Used it twice. They paid out for a new caliper when it was sticking and the GPS sensor on the SMG gearbox. Basically the small print says the vehicle needs to be immobilised for them to pay out so if you can still drive it safely with whatever the fault is, they won't pay out. Definitely recommend it from my own experience.
  11. Bought my mum in laws car from there, out past Stansted airport if I remember correctly. Good guys there.
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