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  1. Hi Guys, I am coming back to this forum after a while, had a 318ci back in 2009 and since then been through motorbikes and other cars. I am glad to be looking at an e46 again. I am in the market for a 320cd or 330cd convertible but I am not sure they are still worth getting, my budget is around 5-6k but looking for a fully loaded version. I have been keeping an eye on ebay and auto trader for one, the ones on there are all high miles. My worry is getting one and then left with age-related issues. Any advise on what to look for, I am not in a rush but craving a convertible for summer and i love the e46
  2. I just got some few stuff left over from my bmw, however i am unable to start a topic in the sales section, Admins ?
  3. Thanks everyone for the advice, Will need to look into this further, its not easy as it sounds. I wasnt gonna do any courier work but just local small removals, From the sofa to student removals or something like that
  4. Hi Guys, Haven't been on that often after selling my BMW, I just need a bit of advice on setting up a Man and Van business. I am thinking of going self employed as i cant seem to find a part time job to fit around my university studies. I know that i need transit size van and Goods in transit insurance, but after getting a quote for 5 grand last night, maybe i am not looking in the right places. maybe you guys know someone who is running a man and van business successfully. I would really appreciate any advice on this as i need to start earning some money and fed up of applying for so many jobs
  5. Sorry Guys, havent been on the forum much lately, the manual is still available, pm me if your interested
  6. Haynes manual for e46, no longer need it, £11 including P+P
  7. I got £2400 at the end, more than happy with it,
  8. Forgot to mention, the amp is built in
  9. 12 Inch FLI Sub 1000 Watts Only Removed yesterday from the car, nice little sub edit: This sub has the amp built in, Located in Woking in Surrey Looking for £55
  10. Unfortunately some stupid zero feedback ebayer kept bidding at the end and ruined my sale, i would have got £2650 but the little prick ruined it. I am so angry at the person, they've only been a member for 8 days on ebay. I kept removing the bids but the idiot didn't check the emails which i sent him to stop bidding. By the time i blocked him it was too late. The auction finished So i had to re list the car, but this time i have done a better job with the advert, comments welcome . I've taken some better pictures, i think hopefully gonna let it go for what ever it goes for now. i got couple of people coming around to look in the next couple of days http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...#ht_2955wt_1165 Zero feed back Ebayers are idiots, they just waste time and sellers just waste time having to relist it
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