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  1. Was having a look there for a wheel (or a set) to replace one of my kinked MV2's. So, searched eBay for BMW wheels, starting nearest first..... I get to 30 miles away and then I have to scroll through 24-odd pages (about 1200 auctions) of BMW wheels that 'dpmotor1' has for sale. I mean, WTF, 1200 adverts!?!?! Most are for the same wheels, so why not just just one or two ads per type of wheel, I mean surely anyone looking for them will find them. In total, he has 19,828 adverts/auctions running at the moment, he must be paying a fraction of the fees that normal/private sellers do otherwise his fees would be crippling!! Anyway, I think you can exclude certain sellers from your searches so I'll be doing that from now on. Sorry for the rant
  2. Ouch, Just aswell you got it seen to when you did! Glad to hear you're on the mend!!
  3. Lovely looking car Gaz, OK so it hasn't got leather but that wouldn't have been a dealbreaker for me either with the rest of the car looking as good as it does! It's exactly the thing I would have gone for if I hadn't needed an estate (in fact I looked at a touring in the same blue aswell, but, long story short, it wasn't HPI clear so I didn't buy it)
  4. I guess I wouldn't have it on my own car.... BUT, I think it looks fantastic! Very much like some of the Art cars.
  5. I'm remined of the young lady who had the olympic athlete Kelly Holmes tattood on her back, with 'Kelly Homes' emblazoned across the top. DOH!!! Good on you for at least doing a bit of research first, I bet there's loads of people with tats in Latin, Thai, Chinese symbols etc. that mean something totally different to what they think!
  6. I'm do 1st line technical support for IBM Netherlands.... in Scotland. We look after big customers like banks, airlines, shops, manufacturing and petroleum companies etc. I'm not very technical myself but basically I co-ordinate the process of getting engineers onsite to fix big computer stuff. I work a lot of nightshifts and weekends. On the plus side I get a lot of time off, and using my native language after emigrating to Scotland 30 years ago is still a novelty
  7. I just realised last week that my MOT had been out since November So got the touring booked in ASAP. I bloody HATE MOT time, I've never had any major probs with any of my cars as I keep them pretty well maintained anyway, but I always have a feeling they'll find something.... anything... that'll mean me having to part with more cash. But no, flew through, no advisories, nowt. Woohoo, I'm legal again
  8. I love Mexican stuff. Fajitas, Enchiladas, Chimichangas, Burritos... etc. Don't ask me what the difference is other than that they're all folded slightly differently, but they taste great!
  9. Great result!! I came home from my nightshift in time to watch the last 15 or so laps.... then promptly fell asleep on the couch, and woke up during the podium presentations. Doh!! Still, great result for Jensen, and also for Rubens, and for Hamilton to get 3rd when he started so far back is excellent too. What Ross Brawn did over the years with Schumacher at Ferrari, and what he's done with this team in such a short time... is simply astounding!! I just hope they're able to keep it up, and make this season a bit more exciting
  10. Thanks guys, yeah I loved that Manta Aly, and I'd love another. It was my first introduction to RWD.... and I haven't looked back! Adambaker......... I'm not old really, I just always drove older cars. ........... OK I'm almost 36, that's not really that old is it?!? If you're talking about the Consul, I bought that when I was 16 and worked on it a few years... but never did finish it.
  11. Hope I'm following the rules above correctly here. Here are my previous BMs and everything else I had before, I wrote a bit about each in the gallery section too. So this is the Touring, my current ride: And here's everything that came before it.................
  12. Miss my old E36? Yes, very much so.... and this thread isn't helping, haha!! He's mine... now residing in Northern Ireland, I hope it's being looked after!!
  13. Looks great, I had a 316i not unlike yours, was a great car. Your's looks mint man My old E30:
  14. th0mas25

    Bjorn's BMWs

    Bjorn's BMWs
  15. Fort William's near my home town (Oban). It IS a long way to go if you're down south but let me say, the west coast of Scotland is IMO a stunningly beautiful place, with some very, shall we say, entertaining roads!! . Never been to the Mountain Bike World Cup but I hear it's a huge event now, with a great atmosphere, day and night. I could think of worse ways to spend a weekend
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