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  1. I Bought a cheap after market one when i changed mine and it wouldn't quite clip in so every few months it would wiggle out...as it's such an arse of a job to get to the FSR definitely avoid cheap in my experience!!
  2. Fair play, learn something new everyday! The one the OP is looking at is an '02, so pretty early for facelift parts, maybe they were test models or something lol. Looks too much like a bit of a mishmash for my liking
  3. I would be asking questions about the front end as its an '02, so pre-facelift. Maybe been in a smash, whatever the reasons it didn't come out the factory like that so check its all been done to a good standard!!
  4. Sold the Beemer a couple of weeks ago now. Nice bloke from Cornwall came and picked it up. He's going to replace the driveshafts and confident he will look after the car as i would want. Very sad to see it go, but it was the right time if you know what i mean Thanks for everyone who's commented on the car and all the help. Particular highlight was Mr January in the e46zone 2014 calendar
  5. Lol. Mines a Kia Cee'd, still wanna see pics? I'm officially a star in a reasonably priced car
  6. Bought a new car today too what you gone for?
  7. Yeah true, i think having to share the Fiesta with my mrs is the most annoying thing at the moment, just want my own car to clean
  8. Boo You get the price you wanted mate? Absolutely gutted mate. Yeah £1500 in the end, pretty happy considering it'll need 2 new tyres and the driveshafts need replacing. He was very happy and is going to repair it and look after it by the sounds of things
  9. Just means he's travelling south west
  10. I'd love to come back to BMW one day, just lost a bit of love after the head gasket going on the 325 and now this with the 330, I've been pretty unlucky! Kind of looking forward to having a modern car, few more gadgets and no rust will definitely miss the e46 though!!
  11. Yep, gutted mate!! Need to go sensible in terms of running costs, so a zetec s Focus, 18month to 2 years old is top of the list at the moment. Visiting garages at the weekend, if the 330 sells
  12. Sadly now on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2002-BMW-330-CI-SPORT-AUTO-BLUE-/331575785772?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item4d3374f92c
  13. Heard back from the garage, it's the driveshaft corroded and rubbing against the abs sensors, similar to this thread http://www.e46zone.com/forum/topic/50383-rear-drive-shaft-repair-please-advise/ Quoted as follows Driveshaft end overhall x 2 £450 Rear ABS sensor x 2 £195 Labour £360 + VAT=£1200 Thoughts on the price?
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