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  1. Evening Gents, I'm selling my twists off of the E92! See the link - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-/122700327068?
  2. Thats excellent work right there mate! I always love seeing a turnaround like that. £1200 is a ridiculous bargain too
  3. Right an update, prompted by a quiet afternoon in the office Check out the state of the old Vac lines! And all back together again! Not an exciting post, but if anyone gets a 35d engined car in the future it wasn't a horrible fix - quite daunting at first taking everything off including the inlet manifold.
  4. Vacuum lines and pressure converters replaced - and we have a small turbo again! Yaaaaay. So that was a nice easy fix, about £100 in parts and a lunch for my mechanic friend and we're back in action. I'll stick some pics up of the hideous old lines when I get a chance tomorrow!
  5. Thanks mate, I've got some new 'pressure converters' to go on too which apparently control the turbo switch over bits! Once that's all resolved its probably time for a dirty great remap
  6. God damn, I do love Oxford green! A friend has an E60 in that colour and it looks very smart. Shame about the abuse from the scrotes though, but good on you for keeping on it and fixing her up again.
  7. Couple of updates for anyone still reading now I've not got an E46 I should start a new thread. So many years ago, I bought my first E46 which was a 320ci and joined the forum. Much love was given to the car, and it was immaculate when I parted with it - selling it to my flatmate at the time when I bought a Clubsport. He promptly started a regime of neglect and abuse, and 4 years later the car finally developed a running issue and he wanted to scrap it. I came in and bought the car for £100, got it running and drove it home. I almost wanted to fix her up, but it would have been too depressing given my past efforts. The bodywork was ruined, and there was a coolant and oil leak! So after a well needed clean (the last wash was maybe 2 years ago?) I stuck the car on ebay as spares/repairs - and it went for £720! Win A couple of actually quite flattering pictures below - The car apparently made it over to Bristol and will be fixed! Edit, found a picture of it right before I sold it - The 335D is soldiering on, and hit 145k last weekend. Since the last update it's had new thermostats, and a run on the dyno which highlighted a boost issue with the small turbo - apparently very standard and normally due to vacuum lines, so they will be replaced next weekend and we'll go from there. It still did do a healthy 310hp though! Secondly, I sourced and fitted some twists
  8. Oh man, thats the end of an era - it was a lovely car! Hopefully gone to a good new owner? And more importantly, a new project with the replacement?
  9. So the 330Ci is now sold, I'm really happy with the 335D but also I will miss the vert. She was a really good car, the new owner sounds like a nice guy who will look after it well hopefully - hes picking it up tomorrow evening then giving it a good run back home to Exeter, which will do it a world of good after being sat for 2-3 weeks with the occasional run up to temperature on the driveway. Meanwhile the 335D has been pressed into service, doing 515 miles this week for work and returning bang on 40mpg with a a 35/65 mix of town/motorway. Very happy with her, she hides the mileage well and touch wood there isn't a single issue. I'll be getting the gearbox oil done imminently for peace of mind, then its DPF/EGR removal time and maaaaaybe a remap. But I have a rolling road day booked with a load of mates late Feb so I'm going to wait until then and see how shes doing standard. Couple of pictures after a clean & wax yesterday - plus the 140k milestone hit on Tuesday I think. Someone PLEASE sell me their twist alloys in the meantime!
  10. Hey all, Sadly selling Grape, as I need to make way for the Diesel! See the link - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/122301706538?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  11. Thats looking really nice now mate! It sucks that you had some headaches around the buying process but I applaud your efforts with the seller - loads of money off. How does it compare with the vert?
  12. Ah I'm a big fan! Although the wheels do look laughably small and struggle with the torque - I'm thinking of picking up a set of 'twists' in 19" flavour, and maybe an aero lip for the bumper if one can be had. Theres also a few things I want to do maintainance wise, like the gearbox oil, vacuum lines etc. No idea what I'm doing with any of it though!
  13. So a few pictures after the pick up, as promised! Very standard spec wise, but its SO CLEAN. There are also a few nice optional extras like the sports seats with inflating bolsters, a cooled cupholder in the armrest and just basically electric automatic everything - powerfolding mirrors too!
  14. Pahaha, Jesus! I collected the 335D today, I'm pleased to say she looks like a good purchase. It's an SE coupe, but the spec is good and its been looked after - the torque is hilarious and the DTC light is on well into 3rd gear on the slippy roads. You'll definitely really enjoy the 330D , I understand how you're feeling though as I was much the same. I'll get some pictures up tomorrow chaps.
  15. The worst one I've lived through was an Audi A6 a friend bought - I promised him I would go with to pick it up. It was 4 hours away in Wales, and a complete shed that barely made it home 😂
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