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  1. Guys, 330i Sport E46, 2002, with the three button key - unlock, lock and boot release. Today my key fob remote lock stopped working. I messed about with it in the car, and got it to lock, then it wouldn't unlock. I think the battery may be dead. I've heard something about re-setting or re-binding with the car, and there's a procedure somewhere, but I've only got one key, and I think if I mess up, I won't be able to do anything with the car, especially if it's the battery. So what's the best course of action - buy a new key, but from where? Then I guess there's the binding procedure, and that should sort it? Any advice very welcome as always. Cheers!
  2. Thanks. It's a tiny tube, and on the atmosphere side of the throttle, so very low vacuum.
  3. Thanks. If I put my reg. into Opie Oils, it comes out with mostly automatic fluids ?
  4. '02 330i Sport. Guys, Yesterday I replaced the rubber intake ducts and F-elbow. The smaller vacuum pipe from the F-elbow felt a bit loose, and sure enough when I gently pulled on it, it wasn't connected at the other end, just had the remains of a perished connector sleeve. I found where it connected under the car by moving the end around until I found the fuel filter behind a cover, again with the remains of a connector on it. What is the purpose of this pipe? Would a vacuum leak at that point in the induction system have had any effect on performance or economy? Thanks.
  5. Guys, I've currenty got the car on stands for a wheel re-furb. Seems a good opportunity to change the gearbox oil. What do people recommend? It's the 5-speed manual box. Always felt a bit rubbish, but I think that's just how they are. Also, is it worth changing the rear axle oil, and again if so, what's recommended? Thanks!
  6. The re-furbers won't take them I already asked that.
  7. OK I think I'll get them online and get the re-furbers to fit them. Presumably they are left and right-handed tyres? Cheers!
  8. Ah so you can still get them! My local tyre supplier couldn't find any. The idea was to take them with the wheels and let the re-furb company do them. Only issue then is where to dispose of the old ones.
  9. All, My gear lever leather is worn out. Try as I might, there's no way I can get the original off. Tried directly pulling it, twisting it, even sitting on the centre console to get more force. No way. Any tips, and also any recommendations for aftermarket ones that look like originals, I don't want to pay £70 for a genuine one. It's an '02 330i, 5 speed, plain stitched leather with the "M" logo in the centre. Cheers!
  10. Previously, they were powder coated and clearcoated. They have now changed their clearcoat type. They are baked several times during the process to get rid of moisture, and blasted to get rid of corrosion, so I don't see how the process should promote corrosion any more than when they were originally made, and lasted 15 years or so.
  11. No, as I said the fronts are Avon, and they are noisy. Good to know it's not just me that noticed! I've got Hankook EVO2 S1's on the rear, but the ones I've been quoted for the front are Ventus V12 Evo2, which have a completely different tread pattern. Are there any other Hankook types that would match? Thanks.
  12. So they had a look, said they'd never seen anything like it, and that they'd re-do them for £50 a wheel (there is a bit of kerbing / wear and tear to be fair, which obviously isn't their fault). Apparently they've changed their clear coat now. BTW, they were powdercoated.
  13. All, My front tyres are shot. The rears are OK, and are Hankook Ventus Evo2. What's a decent front tyre that wont break the bank and will last a while? Currently, the fronts are Avon, and they seemed pretty noisy. Thanks!
  14. Im taking it back this afternoon, so I'll see what they make of it. Thanks.
  15. All, I had my E46 BMW wheels re-furbed in late 2017. They looked great, and I've had no problems until this year when Inoticed what looked like severe blistering. On closer inspection, the surface isn't really blistered, rather discoloured and micro-cracked under, or within the clearcoat. It looks to me like theres something under the paint surface pushing up through it and cracking the paint/clearcoat: I phoned up the place that did them (they specialise in wheel re-furbs) and from my description they said its common with old alloys (these are 2002) - something to do with once they're blasted, there's a corrosion or some other kind of process that causes accelerated corrosion. The only thing they told me when I collected them was not to use alloy wheel cleaner - which I haven't. I sent the pictures and they've asked me to take the car in to have a look. Has anyone else had this kind of issue, and is the explanation a load of guff?
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