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  1. On a lighter note, I'm loving the Merc.
  2. Disappointed to say that the guy who bought my E46 isn't looking after it. 3 kerbed alloys, 1 within an hour of picking it up! His partner rolled back into it with her car a few days later. Killed the bonnet and grills. Generally uncared for. Rarely washed and full of muck and fag ash. Horrible to see. He works at same place as me so I have no option but to see it deteriorate in front of me. [emoji21][emoji21]
  3. Sensors clicking doesn't mean working. But not clicking however does mean not working. INPA will do a live test and this showed one of mine to be faulty although it still clicked. Changed out the bad one and all was good.
  4. The car holds about 8 litres of oil, so if you've had to add 1 litre, it's not the end of the world. I would make sure the engine has been off overnight and check in the morning. Make sure it is bang on maximum and then run the car for a few days and do the same again. This way you'll duplicate the oil check and get a proper idea of any oil usage. Good luck.
  5. The deed is done. Sold my baby today. Im enjoying the new car loads though so not too sad. The End.
  6. M5 for the win. I test drove one once. Awesome machine.
  7. Could well do. Somebwires may loop into and out of boot lid. When mine went I had two broken earth wires and several more that were nearly broken through. Think it was six earth wires in total. Boot lid has loads of wires going into it through that flexible section. Something may loop. Could also be the light unit itself that is faulty tho.
  8. Broken wires in the flexible loom section from car to boot lid.
  9. Trevor

    New car.

    Time had come to change my car. Had the Coupe for over 4.5 years, would be 5 years in June this year. Wanted to change and fancied something a little tasty again, I had a Porsche Boxster previous to the BMW and loved it. Didn't want to repeat myself but did fancy something quick, two seats and convertible. The result is this...... I pick it up on Saturday.
  10. I did exactly the same yesterday. Arrived to view a car at a car sales showroom. They had known I was coming since I contacted them on Thursday. When I got there the car had two flat tyres! i turned round and walked out.
  11. Sounds like a pile of s**te! i wouldn't walk away, I'd run!!
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