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    winter E46

    Hmm in the same boat myself not sure what to do and I live in Scotland!
  2. Vgate iCar 3 ELM327 Bluetooth V3.0 OBD2 Car Diagnostics Scanner This is the one I bought recently for my 2005 model, connects and works perfectly also can leave it plugged in as it turns itself off!
  3. Been using Shell v-power Nitro diesel for a while now, car loves it!
  4. I have HSD monopro's on mine and I love them totally transformed the ride!
  5. Awesome Thread, Speedy progress!
  6. I had mines done under the warranty, they done a crap job and the rust started to come back in under a year, needless to say I have been back and it is going for repairs again second time lucky I hope!
  7. I know for a fact the owl hoot comes from the exhaust cause I have that also, really clear and loud
  8. I already thought to do this also but gave up, you wont gain much tbh, up to you at the end of the day though! I looked into using different MAF housings from the petrol cars didn't look into it much, worth a try?
  9. Looking good, Cant wait to see the progress on this one!
  10. Seen Jamie today for the intercooler, sound guy, cheers bud!
  11. Do you still have the front Splitter by any chance?
  12. I have a straight pipe system from the turbo also, I had fake covers installed to make it look like I have a cat, No issues with MOT's so far
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