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  1. Not updated this for a while, decided to take the car off the road for the winter as I had a few things I wanted to get done on the car. Plus change in job meant travel has increased to 60 miles a day so decided to take it off the road and get the train to work. Wheels are off being refurbed in hyper silver as ever since I purchased them they had kerb rash and some worse than others. So took the wheels off. Also purchased some new Michellin Pilot Sport 4S in CSL sizes. Expensive but will be worth it hopefully and the wheels did need new tyres. Will update with pictures once wheels are back. back with new tyres mounted. Look fantastic, just gone for a basic shiny silver exactly the same as before. Quality is great and was only £160 with new tyres mounted and balanced and the blokes shop is literally at the back of my house was a new place so thought I’d give it a try. Also I know there only tyres but I really feel the Michelin’s add to look the look and make them look better. Also look much better with the correct CSL size tyres. Just need new bolts, maybe spacers and new bmw badges. M badges are new. Only picture in the dark Still love the concave on these, I know everyone has these wheels on an m3 but I think they just work. pics in the daylight. Thanks.
  2. Thanks mate. Trying my best.
  3. Coated some of the interior plastics in gtechniq C4. Absolutely great stuff and should last. Surprising how far the small bottle goes and still have a bit left to top up when needed. Cleaned the metal behind the panel. Before 50/50 Also put my original mirror cases on. Much better quality compared to rattle can. Could get the bases on due to wiring being a pain. So when I eventually find a good bumper planning on getting that resprayed and the mirror bases now I know how to split them. Also nice bit of beading
  4. So few more updates done this week Led interior lights New passenger headlight Powerfold mirrors fitted (still got to split my old ones down and put the motors in them as there in better condition) So sorry for the overload of pics but gave it a good clean today. Usual process. Sorry for the amount of photos got a bit camera happy after cleaning Thanks for looking.
  5. Thank you mate. I got them off a guy on cutters mate. There good quality tbf. Got a few more updates done and a few to come. But I think I’m going to save them all for one post...
  6. Small update but something that I always like to do. New side indicators from BMW. Old driver side New driver side Old passenger side New passenger side Also stupidly got a price from Bmw for a CSL bootlid and all the bits to fit [emoji85] not ordered yet as still a few bits I want to get done.
  7. Thanks mate. I’d definitely do it. I’ve not looked back since I got mine. Nothing I want to swap it for neither. I found someone selling it on eBay. There is a company who make them. I’ll have to try find the name. It’s a great upgrade, I’ve had the Chinese units and there terrible.
  8. So I had a xenon bulb on the passenger side that was a different colour to the driver side. Bit more yellow but looked rubbish in the dark. So got two new bulbs and sidelights. Then nothing else has happened apart from giving it a clean today and looking back and realising how good it looks. Thanks for looking.
  9. stacks were fitted today. I’m over the moon with how they look at the sound!!!!!! So awesome. Really opens the sound up to how a m3 should sound. Pics.
  10. Car is finally back !!! I’m over the moon. Had the water pump, thermostat, viscous and new tank all done. Had Bmw coolant put in. Had a few bits done just as preventative while they had access to it. Took it for a drive god I forgot how much I love it ! All back to normal. Stacks are getting fitted next weekend now. Can not wait !!!! Air con condenser needs to get fitted. Not sure if it’s something I could do myself or not.
  11. I know hopefully get it sorted. New tank was roughly £90. Trumpets are great and I love the look in black. The noise is insane. Went inside one with them and been thinking about them ever since. Yes think they gain between 10-15bhp. So they say. No I believe there okay regarding air distribution as they’ve been tested thoroughly and quite a few run them.
  12. Looks a nice example mate. I loved mine ! What’s your plans
  13. So first problem with the m3 has happened. Driving from Birmingham - London to pick up the girlfriends new car. Literally pull up on the drive of the seller. Heard a loud bang and smoke coming from under the bonnet. Lifted it could clearly see the coolant expansion tank seals had gone. So tried to fill again with coolant then drove round the corner but same happened smoke everywhere so pulled up and phoned the RAC to come and recover it. Fast forward 17 hours a stay overnight in a hotel and it finally got collected. Absolute nightmare with RAC. So now have an extra day in London as a bonus. But what a s**t day. Now got to get that sorted, ordered the new tank from Bmw. Will be getting the air conditioning condenser replaced as I was told Wednesday when trying to get it re gassed I had a leak from there.
  14. I could do with some help picking what colour to go for with the stacks. Few examples Do I go for: All black Black with grey hoses Silver grey with black hoses. Or pick a bright colour for them to stand out ?
  15. Yeah but think I’ve found the one I’m happy with now...finally. Yeah I love the half cloth seats they so comfortable and really hold you in. They don’t get too hot or too cold neither. I love the stitching on them to.
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