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  1. 10% off at the moment guys, use discount code Holiday13 on the webshop!
  2. Check our website to see whos closest, www.evolutionchips.co.uk
  3. I have really poor radio reception with mine, the std business set was spot on, does the std set have an amp built in that this new one doesn't? Or does it not power an external amp?
  4. A good place for the GPS antenna is on the large flat part of the roof lining by the interior light/ rear view mirror facing the windscreen, you can pop the interior light out, route the cable across the headlining and down the a pillar, i stuck the aerial on with a tiny bit of velcro tape. the aerial then has excellent signal and is totally out of sight.
  5. I find the Diesels need a harder pad as they are so heavy up front, and they are very under braked as std. I dont find the red stuff pads an issue at all when cold, our M5 uses the yellow stuffs which are harder again and even they are not too bad, I agree about the higher end Mintex pads also being fine, along with the Ferrodo DS2500 and 3000 range, they are also very good. You need something quite hard though as they will fade under hard use otherwise. But the biggest issue with hard compound pads is keeping the damn wheels clean I used to use a really hard Hawk pad in my Cossie with big 355mm 6 pots, I wasnt cleaning brake dust off the wheels, it was swarf from the discs So obviously harder pads are naturally more agressive on discs as well which needs to be taken into consideration on a road car.
  6. We can perform most of the dealer options as mentioned above for around £35.00
  7. The cheaper mintex will fade quite easily, Im using Red stuff in mine and they seem pretty good all round, a bit more money though.
  8. They also put adatives in diesel at this time of year to prevent it freezing, this drops economy. Certainly sounds like a main stat issue, i did mine not too long ago and noticed a significant improvment in warm up time, not too bad a job, just involves removing the EGR cooler.
  9. I found the big cooler most noticeable on the motorway, nail the throttle open for a few seconds, then back off, with the old cooler you could feel the throttle wasnt as responsive the next time you nailed it, and again and again doing this test time after time it was easy to notice a large drop in power, Fitting the big cooler the throttle feels exactly the same every time, always ready to put all its power down whenever you ask nomatter how hard its being driven. It recovers so much faster than the little standard cooler which is very unefficient. Its a must do mod for anyone wanting big power and consistent results. Its interesting though, because for one run on a dyno, maybe the std one would work, in the right circumstances, but after a few runs without doubt heat soak would start to take effect. but on the road its night and day.the charge temp drop speaks for itself really. The more you push and find more power, run more boost, the issue gets worse and worse, and it just got to the point where it needed an intercooler upgrade to ensure the package was safe and consistent, as well as making the power we wanted to acheive the charge temps were bordering rediculous. We dont make packages that will make xxx power once on a dyno, these are BMW Diesel engines we are playing with, they are designed to be used hour after hour, they could sit flat out for days on end if needed, and there is no way on earth a Std intercooler is upto the job on anything other than a std car really.
  10. Its hard to say yet, we will need to get one in for development and see exacty what is acheivable with that particular model, and how it responds to each modification, The standard remap will gain 30bhp and 60nm of torque, there would be considerable gains past that with the other mods.
  11. We will be able to post graphs and have more detailed information once our new dyno cell is finished, We are currently awaiting the uks first Dyno Dynamics Dyno tech 4x4 rolling road, which will be installed into our custom built cell, it will be one of the best in the uk without a doubt and certainly one of the most accurate. If anyone is interseted in the build, we have a little thread going on another forum,its quite an interesting read to see what actually goes into it. http://passionford.c...am-on-10th.html
  12. That's what I have. Work really well, stage 3 will make around 230bhp and 400lb/ft mine is going back on the dyno on Thursday and Friday for a little tweak
  13. . Yes we can do it on the lower power models aswell, but the power will be lower, final figures are not available as we haven't dynod one yet at that spec.
  14. I'm sure the same could be done with ours, just use two smaller slimline fans, I need a car to try as mine didn't have them fitted
  15. Or you could use a more suited turbo choice and make the same if not more power and much less boost pressure. Boost pressure is nothing more than a measurement of how restrictive the engine is,
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