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  1. Well it's been a good 4 years and I've done a good 100k miles in it, but it's time for me to call it quits on the E46. Last year it had a new alternator, wheel bearing, suspension arms and a few other bits and pieces.. then it started to leak coolant which we've worked out is a severely bowed radiator as well as a thermostat which has eaten itself. The leak has been slow so I've just been topping it up when it needed (every couple weeks the coolant light would come on) but I ran out of coolant so it's just been distilled water for a few months. I do wonder how much coolant is still left in it On top of that, the suspension is making all kinds of bad noises, as are the brakes. I keep snapping drop links. The list goes on and on and on. The paintwork is also shocking in places. The front bumper is peeling on both corners and is stonechipped so much it looks like I've sat behind a gritter for a year. It looks like the edges of the rear bumper are starting to peel as well. Some smart person also drove into the side of it in a car park, left a nasty scrape down the drivers door, then drove off without a trace. It was great for a few years, never skipped a beat so I kept putting money into modifying it... then when I finally got to a decent point, it started falling apart. My girlfriend thinks she's at fault because it was fine before I met her... then the attention changed from car to female and it threw a hissy fit I'm done with pumping money into it, so I'm moving onto something else. I know a few people are going to groan because it's a Vauxhall, but I've always been a Vauxhall man form the start. Picked up a 56 plate Vauxhall Signum just over a week ago. Wanted something more practical, but also something a little bit rare. It's essentially fat Astra based on the Vectra with a few unusual quirks. Main thing is I picked a 2.8 Turbo with an apparently very rare manual gear box It's the same lump in the Vectra VXR, albeit detuned to 230bhp. A remap will supposedly get 285bhp out of it though Undecided what exactly I'm doing with the E46 at the moment. I'm beginning to strip bits off it ready to stick up for sale (I'll renew my subscription when I'm ready) but I'm undecided whether to just return it to standard & flog it with issues, or just break it.
  2. Hi guys, Yes, that lovely subject again. Drop links. I've got HSD Dualtech coilovers fitted on my coupe and I've been told to use the standard E46 drop links. For the second time now, I've managed to rip one of the ball joints out when going over a large bump. It makes me wonder if there is more travel in the suspension than the drop links allow for as they're quite long. I'm wondering if there is something, maybe an inch, shorter than the E46 drop links that I could fit? I've had bad experience with adjustables in the past, and I know the Hyundai Coupe ones that people use on cheapo coilovers are going to be way too short for the HSDs. If I need to, i'll just fit E46 ones again, but now I'm on my second set, I'd like to fit something more suitable if such a thing exists. Thanks.
  3. I may do if I have a chance over the weekend I was hoping to find one on eBay or the likes. Don't mind second hand, just need the clips to be in tact. Someone elsewhere suggested "sill trim" which did return one result, but the clips are mullered. I can't find anything by any other name I can come up with. No idea what to call it
  4. Hi guys, Crap example pic as I couldn't find a better one What would you call the plastic bit that runs along the bottom of the car, inside the car? The grey plastic bit that if you remove it, you get carpet and cables? See the red arrows in the attached pic My passenger side one is a bit broken after I've had it off a few too many times to run audio cables and now won't clip down properly. Need a new one but I can't think of what its called so I don't know what I'm searching for online
  5. If you can still get hold of them, the G1WH are a decent cheap and cheerful dashcam. I had a G1W which lasted just over a year before it stopped powering on, but the G1WH I replaced it with seems better built and has been working perfectly. Here is a demo video for quality. Bear in mind YouTube will drop the quality slightly:
  6. Who was it I was talking to at Scottish Car Show last weekend? We were talking for a good half hour or so, but I forgot to ask your name
  7. I'm on 149k and I'm beginning to get suspicious of my clutch, but it's overall OK still. I get the odd time here and there where it seems to stall way too easily and sometimes where it just doesn't do what it should, so I suspect it's beginning to go, but thats not bad mileage in my opinion. Hopefully I won't own it long enough to find out, although by my mileage and commitments, I probably will
  8. Sweet, I'll let you know if I see anything. Can I make a request? Please don't sell out to VerticalScope. Not that I expect you to, but I remember when Astra Owners Network used to be like this for fixing problems. Since they got taken over, this would've taken months to repair after much argument between users and admins
  9. They're not too hard to remove, although I think I've snapped a clip or two because I've had them out so many times Just above where the stereo sits, there are two screws. Undo these and then the vents should unclip and fold up onto the top of the dash. You may need to get some trim removal tools in there to release the clips as they can be pretty stubborn. I've just had it out so many times as you have to remove it to take the Andrive in and out I dread the day I fit a new loom for steering wheel controls I've got controls, but I've not wired them up. I just fitted the steering wheel anyway because it was nicer than the one I had already.
  10. I've just posted in the above thread and got a screen saying "Something went wrong". When I went back to re-do my post, I noticed it had actually submitted my post, but twice! I'd only clicked the button once. Looks like the OP had the same problem as he's got duplicate posts too
  11. AMD Tuning in Thurrock should be able to sort you out a good remap
  12. Spotted a silver E46 coupe on the M20 London bound this morning (and have done in the past going coastbound in the evenings) Lowered on black dished wheels (LM's maybe?), CS splitters and a CSL boot lid attachment in black (maybe carbon fibre?) Looks good, anyone here?
  13. Looks good. I've already got a 5 channel amp powering JBL 6.5 fronts, JBL 6.5 rears and a JBL 12 sub. That's why I needed at least three pre outs. I managed to get it fitted in the end. It easy mostly the RCA cables bending the wrong way. Managed to get some top down access by removing the vents again. My climate panel also stopped blowing after I moved it but oddly checking the fuses (which were both ok) fixed it. Before. Nice looking but horrendous performing Andrive And now my nice new simple Kenwood that just works. Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
  14. So how do you get these head units to fit? I can't get mine any further than this Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
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