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  1. Yeah, I think I will just get my felt tip pen out and colour in the rip lol
  2. That's cool then, so it's going to be like 4 bolts to swap it?
  3. I have the manual, non heated alcantara trim in my e46 saloon. Drivers bolster is ripped. If I can buy a passenger seat that is unripped, can I just swap the back rest part of the seat over, or can I just swap the bases/rails out?
  4. That would mean me also buying 19" CSL style rims and lowering it lol. Oh, and painting my arches
  5. Guys, I needed new arms for my 320d Msport and just ordered some off eBay. Are there actual differences in the Msport bottom arms? I thought it was just the dampers and springs which were different?
  6. It looks like all my pics dissapeare because I had them linked to my old FlickR account. I will have to fire up my PC and download them for you dude.
  7. OK, so I could have sworn I replied to an advert on here for someone who had a decat and exhaust for sale. I remember the ad saying they had it on a touring and a saloon and it was £120, but I can't for the life of me find it again.
  8. Have a look at my old thread for my 330i. I had a decent sized sub box butted up against the back seat and still had plenty of room because I mounted the amp in the spare section.
  9. Does anyone have one of these lying around they want to sell on? I'm not fussed about paying £300 for a "proper remap" on a car that cost me £350 to buy. I just want a little more poke and I'm not arsed about smogging people out behind me. I've spotted a lot on eGay for around £45 from Poland, so was just going to buy one of those, but the last time I had one (a DTUK job) it looked like it connected to 2 different connectors, where as these look like just one.
  10. If its coming through the steering wheel and not your butt, then its most likely front end, as above, lollipops
  11. Guys, I don't suppose anyone used to own this car? I'm currently looking at it, but the seller says the service book was lost by her father (the owner). I'm usually very sceptical about stuff like that and walk away, but there's something about this car I really like. I don't know whether I am being spun a yarn here and they are just traders, but she tells me her dad bought it as a stop gap whilst having his 6 series repainted. BMW have confirmed there is "some history" with them, but they won't release the info to her because she's not the registered keeper. She's sent me some pics of some of the receipts, including sale bill from 2008 for 17k to Mr J Wough from Southampton. It's a long way to travel for me if the car turns out to be a pig.
  12. Did someone say front end repair? https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201910103169947
  13. BUMP for this topic. Are clubsports available in facelift? I throught they were all pre-facelift??
  14. Bumping this topic as I need a decent phone holder for my Sony Xperia XZ Premium. It's a big phone, but I use it for my music with an aux cable and for my navigation. I had a properly sleek magnetic holder on my TT, but that won't fit the beemer Ideally I want it on the right hand side centre vent, angled towards me
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