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  1. I agree that the pre-facelift is much nicer and a lot more aggressive. I do think though you would probably be better off just finding a nice pre-facelift example and selling your though.
  2. Photobucket have broken every forum!!
  3. Lovely looking car @02Anders I like the wood finish, goes well with the beige and the green exterior. I agree with keeping it stock, especially with low mileage beautiful examples like ours. Give it 10 years and it will be a very collectable car. What did you pay for it if you don't mind me asking?
  4. daboy

    My new 330

    Exactly, I've had two with tan/cream and they weren't like this. It looks even better in the flesh.
  5. daboy

    My new 330

    Here is the interior, is this normal leather or something different? Its hard to see from a distance, see the close up. It has the same pattern on the door cards too. On the options it has extended leather, I though that might just be the bit around the dashboard.
  6. daboy

    My new 330

    He had it on autotrader for £3000, i was prepared to pay that kind of money for the right car. So I gave him a call about viewing it at the weekend and he told me that it was on ebay. Found the ad on ebay, it had one bid for £2500, stuck in my top bid and won it for £2550. I think I stole it for that, very chuffed. I'll do some interior photos tomorrow, its got a type of leather on the seats that i don't think I've seen before. It was ordered in Belgium as UK spec. Even got the original sales order and brochures.
  7. daboy

    My new 330

    Yeah, there's a few bits I need to sort out, but in general its been well looked after. The guy was pretty well off and it was still his pride and joy even after 16 years. Moving home on Monday so it will have to wait for now but it had a major service today.
  8. I don't think its going to work mate. You need to do a fresh install of stereo, wiring and speakers, then you can use what you have been given.
  9. I'm pretty sure it is only the passengers side that goes down when you stick it into reverse, the last two E46s I had were the same. Also if you move the select switch to the opposite direction it doesn't do it. My current one moves down about 1mm so I need to work out why its not working correctly as its a very useful feature for stopping you kerb the wheels. I would guess that its the motor behind the mirror thats causing the issue.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I can confirm that I have put in an Alpine using the iso adaptors etc and it all sounds fine, in fact it sounds brilliant!!
  11. daboy

    My new 330

    Hi, Thanks. Yes factory sunroof and heated seats were a must, also has xenons, HK and extended leather. Its the best spec car I have ever owned. Its actually Topaz blue, looks a little lighter as the sun was out and it was about 200 degrees.
  12. daboy

    My new 330

    Picked this up a few weeks ago, 1 owner car with 77k, FSH and all the options I could ask for. This is my 3rd E46 330. It needs a few little bits doing but overall its in amazing condition and was an utter bargain. The spoiler was fitted from new, I have not seen one of these before and I think it really suits the car, not normally a fan of spoilers on saloons bar the little boot lip. The butterfly valve in the exhaust must have seized at some point and the last owner has bent it open on both sides, Its a shame as I'm not a fan of the drone sound at low speeds, can the valve be completely removed? If so how? and will this make the drone slightly better? Thanks, hope you like the car.
  13. I don't pick it up till tomorrow so don't know what the HK sounds like. I will let you know. You don't have to have an off centered stereo if you buy the fitting kit from BMW, its £70 but well worth it, looks so much better. It's got a little rust bubble on one arch, my old topaz got a bit rusty there too, its so common.
  14. Thanks. Yeah, they are great cars and I have had a few of everything. No plans really, I do like my cars stock, especially as they become rarer/older. I will probably swap the Parrot/professional stereo for an aftermarket one once I have worked out what issues having the HK setup will cause. Change all the indicator bulbs to chrome ones as I don't like the fried egg look and maybe change the boot lights to the newer ones. Apart from that, drive and enjoy.
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