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  1. would have the spacers/manifold and bolts if you dont mind,,but maybe cannot pickup till sunday ish

  2. Hello lads, been a while............! Now that my 330d has gone to a new home, I have a few spares cluttering my garage that the car's new owner didn't want. These will all be "free to a good home". I CBA to parcel them or wrap them as there's nothing in it for me, so they are strictly collection only from Gateshead NE9. If anyone is genuinely interested I will post pics. The items are all used, but in reasonable condition. Any of these that are still here on Saturday 6th October will be going to the tip. The main items are:- Coupe comfort passenger seat in grey leather. Handy for lard-arses like Wor Lass who don't like sport seats. If you swap the runners, it will also fit saloons (I had it in mine) and tourings. N57N inlet manifold fitted with swirl flap blanks. Pair of 5x120 15mm hubcentric spacers with extended bolts Pair of 5x120/5x114 13mm hubcentric spacers with extended bolts Set of extended anti-theft bolts with the correct adaptor. If I find anything else that might be useful for someone, I'll add them to this thread.
  3. That's it - no more updates, I'm done here. I really can't get on with the new forum. ............Plus the whole E46 scene has gone down the toilet far quicker than I thought it would and I've got no interest in reading about people abusing their cheaply-bought cars.
  4. Running a 330d manual myself, I find that hard to believe. The only times I get better than 40mpg is if I use at least half the tank on a decent run.
  5. Dude, as above - you need to disregard the OBC. You aren't the only person to have reported huge discrepancies. How sure are you that you're not being fed "duff gen" by "absolutely everyone that drives a 2.0 diesel (be it BMW or other)"? The only way of comparing cars 100% is to test them on exactly the same run under exactly the same conditions. I'm not saying you don't have a problem, just that you could be focusing on the wrong stuff.
  6. I suspect these 3 are the root of your "issues". Under these circumstances I'd be reasonably happy with 34mpg. 5 miles to get to 93deg seems to be par for this particular course. You're rarely driving the car anything other then "cold".
  7. Overtired tw@t needs to pull-off the road until he's slept it off should be the reaction here. My rant for the day.............. Since the new forum software roll-out, some of my posts haven't been appearing. I posted the "overtired tw@t" comment earlier this evening - where's it gone???? A few days ago, I posted a reply on someone's thread 3 times and every time it disappeared into the ether. I gave-up on that one. Also, certain functionality (specifically the ability to quote) doesn't work all the time.
  8. My 330d's OBC consumption read-out is wildly optomistic as well. It regularly reads over 70mpg when the reality is a whisker over 50. I once saw 93mpg on it (there's a pic on here somewhere)! I've never managed to hook-up with anyone with the right software to adjust the calibration. I read somewhere that some remappers adjust the OBC calibration to make their map look good, but I don't know how true that is. It may be a coincidence, but since I stopped using supermarket fuel the OBC's discrepancy has reduced just a tad - maybe a couple of %. At the end of the day the OBC is really just a gimmick and you're never going to get it 100% accurate (although +/- 10% would be good.......).
  9. This ^^^ boils my water as well. Even worse, as I've mentioned before, is our builder who insists on communicating by text - I don't have a mobile so I have to dictate everything to Wor Lass. Whatever happened to good-old talking????
  10. As Daz posted above, OP's car, his choice. I'm not feeling the blue trims, but the finish on them does look very good. To add to the grey/black debate I've never and will never bought/buy a car with black interior - and that includes the headlining. "Granddad spec"??.... So f**k! I'm pushing 60, but have been the same since my very first car, when I was 17. IME, a lot of people go for black interiors "Cuz it looks more sporty, innit.".
  11. I've never watched very much TV. Very occasionally a series appears which catches my attention. The last one was "Unforgotten", but that wasn't as good as I hoped. Most "must-see TV" becomes over-hyped "turn-off TV" for me. People at work raved about "Game of Thrones" before it even started - I didn't even get through the first episode without falling asleep.......... The first couple of series of "24" I enjoyed, but after the first couple of hours of series 3 I found it got boring. I find that with a lot of series - instead of bringing it to a conclusion after maybe a couple of series, they drag it out faaaaaaaaarrr too long. "Lost", for example.
  12. Yes, Suf, that's pretty-much how mine go. Actually, I had been wondering if there's a lot of ferrous content in the pad material. I seem to be getting rust on my alloys, as well. Whatever, I'm going to be replacing the front pads later this week. I've bought a set of Ferodo Premier. The discs will go again, I'm not changing them just for the hell of it.
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