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  1. Vas

    E38 Style 32 wheels

    No longer needed bought a set of genuine BBS RKs at the end
  2. Alix

    Hi mate, i seen some1 on the facebook forums selling style 32's deep dish:



  3. Vas

    E38 Style 32 wheels

    looking for a staggered set to be honest.
  4. I was just wondering has anyone on here ever done this conversion? Since the engine on my 320d died recently and i have a perfectly good 540i to use as a donor car. The only issue is that i dont quite have the skills to do it on my own so if anyone has done it or have the skills to do it please PM me. Happy to pay someone to do it for me
  5. Looking for SE saloon leathers in beige or black
  6. Vas

    E38 Style 32 wheels

    Bump . Only looking for the e38 ones
  7. Vas

    E38 Style 32 wheels

    As per title looking for a set of e38 style 32 18" wheel , no bothered about condition as long as they are free of buckles , flat spots and cracks
  8. For sale is a Mp3 Oem Headunit out of 2005 car . All works perfectly £70
  9. Any info on how did you wire the high beams ?
  10. Luk - ECP is your best bet i guess
  11. Vas

    Vas`s 320d Touring

    My latest mods Re Trimed M sport Steering wheel Android Headunit
  12. Can someome recomend a good bodyshop in or around London to spray a pair of bumpers and a side skirts
  13. Hi , just installed Erisin Android Headunit of eBay and there are a few issues with it. The first and the major one is the Sound quality its real S*IT compared to the original headunit . I can head a cracking noise with the volume up and there is a lack of bass too. Same as this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6urdtJ2eM3M The 2nd one is that the buttons stay constantly illuminated And the 3rd last one is that the aerial connector on the back seems to be too big and the unit wont fit flush because of it touching the plastic behind.
  14. Vas

    e46 cupolders

    Looking for black e46 cupholders
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