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  1. I've got a 330ci coupe but it's auto and i'm located in the Midlands if your really struggling for a car and willing to travel down you can use mine no probs
  2. Are you keeping the factory hk stuff if so you don't need this adaptor you only use this if your bypassing the hk amp if your keeping the hk you just need to disconnect the quadlock from the bm54 in the boot install the extension cable plug in the stereo and your done. Hope this helps
  3. I have for sale a simota carbon air intake for a 330 petrol was fitted to my coupe for around 6 months it is in as new condition having only covered 2k miles comes boxed with all accessories that you get when new. May fit other 6 cylinder models but please check before purchase. The intake sounds awesome transforms the car and I have only removed as I'm planning on selling the car it cost me £270 only 6 months ago. I would like £200 which includes next day delivery strictly no offers payment via bank transfer or PayPal I'll get pics up asap.
  4. Looks like someone had a aftermarket subwoofer in the car, the module the wires are connected to is the bm54 they have tapped into the speaker wires for a hi level input into a amplifier.
  5. I have for sale a switch panel removed from my car due to installing a rear blind, It is in as new condition with no wear at all and in full working order. The panel has the following options Heated seats,harmon kardon,tpms and dsc basically everything bar rear blind button. Ideal for someone retrofitting more options to there car. Price wise I'm looking for £60 Inc first class delivery there's another panel on eBay with the same options for £99. Will get pics up tomorrow.
  6. RIZ


    As title 16mm climate control relocation panel for e46 in used condition has a few marks on ashtray cannot really be seen once fitted looks a lot worse in pictures £40 posted
  7. RIZ


    I have for sale a switch panel from a m3 with the following options on it heated seats, dsc, harmon kardon, tpms and sport button. Ideal if your retrofitting any of the above options. panel is in good cosmetic condition and full working order was removed from my brothers e46 m3 when he retrofitted the rear blind.
  8. Haha easily done at least you got it sorted looks spot on.
  9. As above flip them around, led bulbs are polarity sensitive they only work one way unlike standard bulbs.
  10. I think they are around £250-300 so that's out the question haha I'm retrofitting the rear blind so need to buy the whole panel just for the one button. I wonder if I could mod my current one I have opened it up and there's a slot where the blind button would be and the circuit seems like it's in place but that's a last resort.
  11. Hi mate 330ci is definitely the best choice the engines generally go on forever but it all come's down to how it has been maintained full service history is a must. There's a few issues the main one's being:- Rust- this is a big thing with the e46 and unfortunately the majority of cars suffer from it Bushes- front control arm bushes are common but this is a cheap fix Cooling system- the cooling system usually needs refreshing around the 100k mark radiator, expansion tank and water pump again this is fairly easy and cheap to do if your handy with spanners. Vanos- the vanos can sometimes cause a rattle and power loss again this is a fairly painless task with rebuild kits available to repair. There's a few other little niggly things but nothing too bad or expensive. When you work on the car you realise how well put together the car is everything just seems to go back together the way it should I simply love mine and cannot think of another car that's as good for the money. Good luck with your search let us know how you get on ☺
  12. I'm after the centre console button bar must have the following buttons- Heated seats, dsc, tpms, hk button and rear blind button. I know this is rare but I'm hoping someone will have one. Thanks
  13. As above no need to drop the tank, garage is having you on go elsewhere mate
  14. You need a line output converter to give you rca out this will need tapping into a few wires before they go into the hk amp. There are plenty of guides online
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