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  1. Time's finally come to break my car of 6 years. Also selling the Bola B1 alloys with tyres but i'll place them in a separate thread. Notes: - Bumpers are in alright condition for age - Front bumper has had small respray to sort scratches/scuffs about a year ago - It's on JOM Blueline coilovers which have been on the car for a few years, they can go pretty cheaply if someone wants them - Headlights, rear lights, mirrors, side skirts etc, all up for grabs. - Interior was originally badly sun damaged Kiwi green from an M3. I recoloured them from scratch myself. They are not in the best condition in the world but I will provide the colouring agent and sealer which, once they are cleaned and topped up, look brand new and really bright! - I have a professionally re trimmed extra thick M Sport steering wheel with light blue stitching and matching centre stripe in the same colour as interior - Engine pulls extremely well (110k-ish miles. Not in use so won't go up) - Gaskets slightly leaking (typical of that engine) so drinks oil and before being taken off the road you could smell burning oil via aircon due to it dripping onto manifold.
  2. Bit of a risk of scratching something there imo. The gear gaiter could be lifted up, 2 screws out and you've got much better access to those buttons in next to no time.
  3. I do agree it doesn't look too bad at all and as I said in my original post it seems the right height for it's usage. Perhaps some spacers to remove the cave like deep wheel wells might make it appear lower without losing ride quality etc?
  4. I didn't have a CD drive actually so i downloaded PA Soft from somewhere online. It's not a PA Soft issue if its saying that. So give google a search for something like "PA Soft OBDII Driver install" or something similar. That's what I did.
  5. Looks exactly the same as the one I purchased many moons ago. What exactly is happening when you come to install it? Error messages? etc? I run windows 7 on my rubbish old Acer notebook and it works ok. Although i'm told it won't work on anything higher then 7.
  6. I bought one myself not long ago. I never bothered to check if it was for a Saloon or Coupe (in fact I don't think it even stated) and it was fine. To my knowledge the only difference between the bumpers is the bump strip. I'm told a coupe bumper fits a saloon and vice versa. So I'd imagine the fog light surrounds are the same also.
  7. Hi mate, Help us help you. Are you installing on a laptop? What version of windows are you trying to install it on etc?
  8. You're welcome. For arguments for and against cheap coil overs. It's 50/50. The best thing to do is always ask yourself if you'll be comfortable running them or always have doubt in your mind while driving around. There's been a recent post here about springs & cheap/expensive coil overs if it helps: http://bmwbox.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=438
  9. I know you're desperately seeking an answer to this.. but this sort of question is only ever going to split opinion I'm afraid. Taking into account it's your daily and you often have a fully loaded car, It looks low enough to me. But as you said, if you want to go lower to help make the wheels you're after/got look better then for piece of mind go for a 'good quality' coil over set. ****Opinion Part of Message**** For the record I drive aggressively and have run JOMs for a year now without a single problem. They have also be raised up and down multiple times. I just make sure they are greased up and cleaned/maintained. For the price they are... even if they break tomorrow I'd still be happy with them and just get another set.
  10. Does the spare work ok? Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  11. No more then mine smokes, although I've removed the Cats Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  12. I don't think I've ever seen a decent M3 replica (apart from Cannook's I guess) As above, each to their own, however I think within the BMW 'scene' it's not a popular mod. M cars are not like your 'sport' or GTI versions of a model. They are something quite special! Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  13. I'm not sure I follow? What's this got to do with general car chat?
  14. It's a shame the UI on these things is almost standard Android and not a custom BMW styled theme. Very feature rich though! I wonder how much it is, as I couldn't see a price anywhere?
  15. Thanks It wasn't without it's hard work though. Took me a year to plan and create the features I wanted on the actual unit (using a spare phone to test if things work etc). The tablet has a 64gb mirco SD card within it. so my complete music collection is currently stored locally on the tablet. Just before the tablet goes into sleep mode (after ignition off) it checks to see if it can see any local 'friendly' wifi networks (work & home). If it finds one, it connects to the network but still switches the screen off. It stays connected to the wifi for about 30 minutes while it syncs with my dropbox and downloads (or deletes) any music it finds. The app I use to do this is called Dropsync. So, I've no need to connect to the tablet from my phone really. My aim was that the tablet become completely self sufficient and didn't need to rely on my phone to connect to it to carry out it's tasks. On a side note, the tablet runs Android, so although I think I would be able to work out how to stream from my Android phone to the tablet, I'd suspect streaming from iPhone to tablet would be much harder. EDIT: I assumed you said iPhone. Sorry! It's worth noting that behind the dash I have a audio splitter and within the glovebox there is a standard 3.5mm jack so that you can hook any device up to the sound system which then bypasses the tablet altogether.
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