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  1. Changing the glow plugs, glow plug control unit, full egr delete, coolant change, genuine thermostat, full service, oil breather, brake fluid change, all new vacuum hoses, complete new lower arms, new adjustable drop links, change the antiroll bar with the antiroll bar bushes and probably other things that I can't think off at the moment.
  2. Thank you The m3 has been wrapped including the door shuts by Yannimize..... To be honest the last few years the m3 has been used less and less.... Its done about 200 miles in 2 years . It was oem when i bought it and then after 2 years i was bored so i done all the mods but now i'm thinking of going back to oem. That's why i'm in 2 minds if i should keep the 330 or sell it because i drive another car for work now and its a shame to have a car doing nothing. Haha there is no price.... I have 5 people that are in line to buy it and the first one is my friend that bought my old 330d. I doubt it will go for sale online.
  3. Hello everyone. I've been meaning to post some pic's of my car but its hard finding the time to do it. This is my Estoril blue e46 330cd, 6 speed manual. I've had this car for nearly 2 years now and i have spent quite a bit of money on the car modding it but now i'm in two minds if i should keep it or sell it. It was meant to be my daily car but since i changed jobs its parked up most of the time. I use it once or twice a week. It's quite hard to find an e46 330cd in this colour combo. Its running 300bhp and its very quick for a diesel. The car has had a lot of work done to it and most have been done recently....all suspension is new....., coilovers.......every bush has been changed...new brakes including 4 new calipers...four new tyres. new genuine bmw thermostat......, full egr delete...glow plugs....glow plugs control unit...... 3 inch custom exhaust, sounds really nice and no one believes me when i say it's a diesel.....hybrid turbo.....Bigger intercooler....custom remap. Outside Genuine M3 mirrors...CSL bootlid blended in.....6 series 19's alloy wheels painted silver grey....all four arches have been flared.... colour coded front grills.....rear diffuser painted gloss black....Front number plate removed... Upgraged the xenon headlamp bulbs, led number plate lights.... led side lights... the brakes have been painted yellow with silver discs and silver brake back plates Interior Individual heated leather seats....they are not cream, they are a bit brighter than that and the center of the seats are different, like small squares pressed in the leather. I recently painted the seats the original colour because i messed them up... i used some strong cleaning product that wasnt meant to clean the leather seats with and it took the paint off the seats in some areas and made the seats look like the car had done a million miles lol New gear knob Chrome rings in the cluster, same as 330ci TV / DVD / Sat Nav headunit Anyways enough talking.... Here's some pic's.... Well lot's of pics My old saloon 330d 6 speed manual with read leather interior..... this was a great car..... i regretted selling this that's why i went and bought another one but this time i went for a coupe This is my pride and joy e46 m3.... I've had it for 9 years now and it's done 27k
  4. 174691 Update! Car is fixed! Turned out the vacuum selonoid valve had failed. I found the problem as bmw wanted to take everything off themselves. I spoke to them about it as the turbo was still under warranty by them and this part should have been covered but they told me they still had to take off the exhaust system, inlet manifold ect ect and than for last, take the turbo out and inspect it. Now all of this woukd have costed about £500 to diagnose it and I wouldn't pay this money IF it turned out to be what I said the problem was. I had a feeling they'd try and find something else so they could still charge me the £500 for diagnostic. They're such a rip off! At the end I said to the guy just give me a price for a new vacuum selonoid valve and I'll change it myself. £90 later the car now pulls hard like it should. If anyone has this problem in the future it might help them and save them from taking lots of parts off the car to inspect
  5. No they didn't say anything about the maf. I've been doing some checks myself. I took off the egr valve and tested it and it's all good. Cleaned it and put it back on. Took the inlet manifold off and that clean also. Changed all the vacum hoses. Changed all the filters. Changed the oil breather. Car is still the same. I took off the cover underneath the car and got someone to rev the car but there is no pressure on the pipes that go to the intercooler. Does this mean the turbo is gone? How does the bmw warranty work? The car had the turbo done by them last year in April and since then the car has done just over 1k. Would they replace it for free or do I have to pay for another turbo? Could it be the actuator that's sized?
  6. Car went to bmw and I received a video from them saying there are no faults in the system and now they want to take the inlet manifold off and exhaust to insect it but I have the invoices in my hand for £2650 from bmw last year the car had a new turbo, inlet manifold cleaned and sone other things. I'll take the car away as I don't want to spend £500+ just for diagnostics. I thought I'll start by changing the fuel filter as I've changed air and oil filters yesterday and see how it goes from there and then if nothing changes I'll take the exhaust off and Egr out at the same time. Thank you to everyone for your suggestions and advise, much appreciated! They did say they haven't seen a e53 x5 as clean as that before
  7. Thank you! I changed the maf yesterday. It was a bosch one but from all parts (just wanted to see if it made any difference) and it was actually worse than before. It run better without it. I'll see what bmw says tomorrow. It doesn't even sound right, the exhaust sound is louder and like it's blowing/blocked but the engine still sounds normal?!
  8. I've booked in at bmw Wednesday but before I take it there I thought I'd try and get some Infos in case somone has had the same thing happen to them I can't see how the cluster can have an effect but the car was all good until I fixed the cluster? As soon as I fitted that I took it for a drive so the abs tc and handbrake light would go off and that's when I noticed the problem
  9. The turbo was changed less than 1k ago It revs freely but what I noticed is that when I unplug the maf it revs better. No warning lights on and it was fine before. I just fitted the cluster as I had that repaired because some pixels didn't work. That wouldn't have anything to do with it would it?
  10. Hello everyone I have an x5 diesel. It's a 2003 model with the 180bhp engine. The car has done only 40k and it really is like new but today when I drove the car it didn't have any power and it sounded like something is blocked. I haven't checked anything yet but I thought I'd ask here first what you guys recon it might be so I know what to look for. The car has had a new turbo by bmw recently also so I doubt it's the turbo Any help/advice would be appreciated
  11. They actually came off very easy! To be fair the last owner said he had them changed when he had the car and they did look fairly new and when I got them off we tested them and they worked fine but the reason why it said in the computer all 6 of them were faulty was because the control unit wasn't working properly and I thought I'd still change everything not just the control unit
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