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  1. Hey, maybe get a code reader off eBay for £20 and see what's wrong with it, but pushing it too hard can put it into limp mode, as will a number of faults.
  2. Thanks dude, unfortunately not. Started well for about 6 months and then tailed off with the village not supporting the pub enough and i couldn't bankroll it any longer.. shame. Now working out what to do next:) Fix up my car again is probably first!
  3. Forgot to add that the staggered style 32's will be up for sale soon, I just need to pick them up from my storage place and smarten them up a bit. Just waiting on some new torx sockets before i attempt the roof fix - should be here tomorrow. This video shows exactly what I'm going to work on tomorrow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFCLzTo-EIk
  4. So after two years and a failed business behind me i'm back at the zone, and still have this car - and i still love it! It's been a bit unloved with very little attention over the last year or so and i intend to sort it all out. Starting with fixing my non-working roof... arghhh! Anyway, don't know if any of you remember me but i'll be posting regularly now. Hi to all the new people I've not met yet:) Oh, and i did get some CSL style wheels - will try and remember how to post a picture!
  5. I'll try and upload one soon - i can only upload pictures from my iPad and not my mac so let me dig out the iPad tonight, or tomorrow.
  6. Hi mate - i think so, sounds about right. I'll go and check on the car later. They don't look crazy stretched, but they are stretched if you know what I mean! I think they look great. The car could do with being lowered as the arch gap is noticeable, or maybe put a bigger sidewall tyre on in the first place. But I'm happy they fit, and don't rub, or bottom out, even with load in the back.
  7. It's not been mentioned on this thread (i think) but there are style 32's in E46 fitment - 8/8.5 J ET47/50 - and I have them on mine and they look great.. I'll be selling them soon too if you're interested:)
  8. Please put "off" and "f@ck" in a different order. With this car my wallet is bare:) But come have a beer in my pub, we can discuss:)
  9. All friendly, quiet and non-smelly wives / children / dogs allowed:) Would be great to meet you!
  10. Hi mate I'm in Bristol too and I've used Avon Tuning based in Tockington - nice guys and will talk you through options as they can just provide an off the shelf map or they can properly live tune it. Google and give them a call:) And if you fancy having a look at my vert and D-touring then come over to my pub for a pint, always good to meet another zoner:) https://www.facebook.com/sevenstarstimsbury/ Cheers, Rich
  11. It definitely needs a drop as there is LOADS of room under there, and no rubbing at all. But this is a workhorse, Daz, and it has already cost me thousands more than the asking price to keep it moving and it was never meant to be a looker - I have the vert for that! And I quite like the bouncy look of it:)
  12. I'm forever finding both my cars unlocked when i return to them as the fob buttons have been pressed in my pocket. The most annoying is the boot release on my convertible - coming back to the bloody car and the dash display showing the bootlid open... arghhh. So yeah, I think you may have inadvertently unlocked it for this to happen - stereos really don't get stolen these days so it could just be an opportunist trying the doors on cars as he walks passed and got lucky with yours being unlocked.
  13. So a stressful few months in my life with signing the pub deal and then this touring's turbo forking the engine... but you can't say I'm a quitter!! A good secondhand engine was sourced and fitted, X5 wheels put on and the replacement key and lock barrel have all been done and the car flies once more... and looks the dogs too! What do you reckon?! Oh, and both my cars now have extremely similar number plates I love a bit of OCD:) I'll get a picture of them together some time soon I hope!!
  14. Thanks Gaz, I open Friday after a 6 week and a big bucks refit! E46Zoners get 20% off their first round... come on down:)
  15. Hi Aaron I thought I answered this already - the fronts will be totally fine, but the backs will be close, but should be fine... on standard suspension. Cheers.
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