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  1. Still no luck 😡, I really need help please. I've checked all the fuses they are all fine all the relays are fine, just don't understand what the problem is
  2. I dont think the car previously had any work done around the rocker cover, but i will have a look at the earth leads thanks
  3. Yeah battery has been checked and confirmed its ok by AA
  4. Hi all im after a bit of assistance im new the forum and iv looked around online for help and cant seem to resolve my problem, iv been having starting problem with my car for the past month or so. basically on cold start the car cranks but doesnt fire up and cant hear the fuel pump priming. After around 10-20 turns of the key it fires up. Also once the car has been parked up after a drive it cranks and starts but switches off immediately and im unable to accelerate to keep it alive. This happens for about 5-10mins then if im lucky it fires up and works ok. Now i have changed the relay behind the glove box (light green one) with an original relay from bmw and didnt solve the issue. I then tried the light blue relay in the engine bay with another one from my brothers car (330ci) and still didnt resolve the issue. I have now fitted a brand new fuel pump and the issue still exists what can i do to resolve this issue? please help as i need the car for work and have no other transport to get there?
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