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  1. Foe

    Good bye

    Yep, so not bad really!
  2. Foe

    Good bye

    Well after owning my 330d since April this year, it's time to depart. After a run to the South of France last week. It was too much for it. The NS rear suspension knocked half way there, then the OS went. On the way back it completely shut down with dde light on. Had to limp back from Calais to Kent. Overnight rest then fine on the way back to Cardiff. Mot runs out Monday. So I'm letting it go and will be picking up a 2006 Skoda Octavia. As with most things, I may be back. Wanted to thank everyone who replied to my questions, and also those who updated their own threads when posting a questions. The 330d finished mileage on 239343 If anyone is interested I have the rear parcel shelf. with dog net, in black. Will pop back now and again.
  3. Amazing! Looking forward to the pictures too. The scenery must be awesome! Have a safe journey.
  4. So after lots of searches on lots of sites and still no answers..... My rear 3rd break light, on the tourer, was not working. Tried everything wiggling wires, meter testing, ripped out the rear in search of something. And then the answer. The actual light itself has two small wires and the clip that held them rubbed one, water got in and rotted the wires. See below So I soldered the wires together, tapped up, and now have a working 3rd light! But the dash light, for blown rear bulb, is still on. My next thing to try and fix! I reckon it might be something with when the tow bar was fitted by the PO.
  5. Wow!!! What a difference a weight makes!
  6. Finally got round to re gassing the air con! £25 through a voucher site type thing...... Groupon.
  7. Do you have a guide for the shift bearing?
  8. So yesterday I did the following; Oil, fuel and air filter change. Replaced the FSR that was a faff! But I still have a humming sound from the front of the dash, sort of behind front vents. Annoying! Also changed the pollen filter and also an oil change.
  9. How was was it to sort the shift bearing?
  10. Update on this, if anyone may have a similar issue in the future. As Rasa states. Use the fuel that's left in the filter you take out, to top up the new filter your going to put in. Simple Car started after a few turns of the key.
  11. If there is no fuel in the old filter, say someone may have disposed of it, is there a plan B?
  12. Thanks for the reply. I'll top up filter with diesel and check pipes again tonight.
  13. So today I gave the car a service, oil filter, oil change, air filter, pollen filter and fuel filter. I even changed the FSR. My problem is, 2001 330d the filter sits on the top of the engine not underneath, after changing the fuel filter, I let the filter prime then off, then primed and did this a few times, but the car is not starting. Did it some more, to the point the battery is now flat!! Everytime I turn the key to position 2, I can hear the car priming the fuel filter, but won't start! Why will it not start? I made sure the hoses are in the correct place on the filter. Any advice appreciated!
  14. A bit of a long shot, but my previous e46 saloon, had a similar problem. Found out, the rear NS hand brake pin came off causing bits to rattle round in the hand brake hub at low speed. Agree with Momo, if in doubt, get it checked out. Keep us updated too.
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