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  1. 4 hours ago, dontpannic said:


    My own suspicion is that this is an Intel Sofia based unit, probably built in China and shipped out to the States. I wonder if it can be found on Aliexpress... Willing to be proved wrong though!

    Yeah there is lots of Sofia based units listed on Aliexpress  all around the $200 mark.


    Looks the part but as you said £1000 is a joke 

  2. Rust is a nightmare and its not just age related. I've seen 2000 plates in better condition than a 04 plates looks to be luck of the draw 

    i have to be honest here i thought my coupe was rust free. but when you start peeling back the plastic coverings you will find some nasty surprises and once the rot has set in i don't care what anyone says only way to deal with it is to cut it out. and do you really want to be spending thousands on a 10 year plus car?

    Mechanically wise i can't fault my ownership of the E46 but I found some nasty rust that is no longer my problem lol 

    As much as i loved My e46 the cold hard truth is the oldest e46 is coming up to 18 years old and the newest being about 11 years old.

    No doubt you will find a good one if you play the waiting game. Under sill covers front wing. are a good place to check.


    Hello E90 335i coupe :ph34r:

  3. 17 hours ago, HellaFlush said:

    Hello, my name's Matt 18 years old and from Bedfordshire.

    Looking to get a 320d Msport Touring later this year once the insurance on my current car has ended.

    Been looking at a few on fleebay and they're all going for around £2k for a decent one. 

    But I was wondering apart from the swirl flaps and breather is there anything to look for when going to buy one in particular? 


    My dad's a mechanic and I'm pretty confident around cars so I have a decent idea of what is good and not.





    My personal opinion Skip the E46 most of them are now at the point where they are buckets of rusty s**t  that have been abused by people.  

  4. On 11/09/2017 at 09:42, Daffy^Duck said:

    So I'm looking to upgrade from my 95 corolla (the convenience) to a nice used BMW. I've been looking around and have a friend who is selling his 2004 e46 330CI with 135k km on it. I also came across 2 e92 328xi with around 110k km (2007/2008). Price difference is around 2k. Now I know this is an e46 forum but I would like to get some feedback as to what the community thinks? I love the look on both models but wanted to know whether to get a newer but little less powerful e92 for a little extra, or an beastier e46?

    Yeah I've been thinking about an 335i Prices are very good at the moment. An the N54 Engine well a N54.


    Sadly it's time to admit that all our beloved E46's are becoming nothing more than rust buckets :(

  5. Love seeing you progress with this :wub:  It's making me seriously thinking about an M3 in the next year. 

    Where did you get the iPad Mounting kit from got a spare iPad  Mini lying around might put it to some use. Seen a few peoples with the  Cheap s**te off eBay and they are terrible headunits

  6. Result then mate most one of the most expensive things.


    Have a few quid in the bank just incase :D

    Look after a BMW and a BMW will look after you. 

    If anything does go wrong don't skimp on parts. I've only ever had bad experiences with cheaper parts. 

    I noticed that someone appears to have stolen the gear gator and handbrake covers :lol: i got some nice ones from eBay  called top gators worth a look his items are good quality and used him for all three of my BMW's

    Good job on the leather repair. Thinking about dying my black seats Blackberry ( Very dark red colour )Not quite sure yet 

  7. 22 hours ago, Aspire_Dan said:

    What's that Daz, put an M3 Badge on the back? * runs over to eBay * that'd gotta be another +35 bhp for the badge alone?


    Its actually +38.7 bhp & if you add one to the grill you get a bonus taking to to a total of 400+ bhp on the badges alone.

    plates look good. 

    here is link to the velcro I ordered Click me needed to order two for the front & rear plates 

  8. I would check to see if your window goes all the way up. I had slight water ingress a few months ago. 

    Turned out to me the sensor that fully closes the window when shutting the door.  Yes its a total pain in the ass to fix as you need to replace the locking mechanism that contains everything.   I found out that there is a Hall effect sensor thats built into the door catch. in time it wears out and causes the window not to fully close. 



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