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  1. Hi guys, I have scoured the forums and have looked at other fixes for this problem. But have a few questions! So the basics are, the key fob ( I only got the car with 1 ) does not work for remote locking. However the central locking does work when you put the key in the keyhole and will work using the button on the center console. We have replaced the battery with no difference made and have tried repairing the key several times, the buttons make a noticeable click so I can't see that all three are faulty and the board and solder look fine. Also I believe the transmitter in the key is working as the key will not start the car unless you have both halfs of the key together, with the circuit board obviously. So I have looked into replacing the FZV module, but I figure if this is faulty surely I shouldn't be getting a radio signal either? Also I can't imagine the GM5 is faulty as the central locking works absolutely fine through manual methods. I'm in need of help guys! MY local BMW specialist has quoted £89 to plug it in a diagnose any faults! Thanks Will
  2. From what I can tell its an easy enough job to so on your own, or would it be easier to go to an indie garage?
  3. Hey guys, very new here. Picked up my 330cd on Saturday and have been loving it.... however this evening while driving, I pulled away from a set of lights and the dash board lit up and the car was repeatedly beeping at me? I know the ambient temperature sensor is broken, that's fine I've got a new one on the way and plan to fix that... however what could cause this? The speedo stopped working properly, if at all and the mpg dial was all over the place. I've read a few posts that say it could be the wheel speed sensor, but I'm not convinced, any ideas before I go and get the fault codes read? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-DiFkny3OzsazdjYTFhMHdYZXc/view?usp=sharing Thanks! Will
  4. Thats exactly the sort of thing that helps. Its good to know that others have done the same with little issue. Currently looking at a 330cd with 175k, FSH, new clutch, DMF, shocks and lower arms. New MOT ect. Slight rusting on the arch, something I can get sorted I would think?
  5. Hi guys, Looking to buy my first E46. Specifically a 320cd, I have considered a 330cd but doesn't seem to be many of them about! I've found a couple with the spec I like but with high miles eg. 165k, 175k. Now I'm working on the presumption that the swirl flaps have been deleted at that mileage and its been relatively well maintained! However would you guys recommend buying one of these? Or wait until a lower mileage one comes up? I know its pretty it or miss if there are issues or not. But I found one with 104,000 miles with clutch issues ( DMF and clutch replacement needed ) But the ones with higher mileage don't have the same issues. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks, Will
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