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  1. By the way, I just read somewhere that the lock button should only be pressed once as pressing it twice disarms it. Unsure if this is true but I thought I'll share.
  2. WOW!!! Where are you all getting these reasonably priced camera and home security systems from? The cheapest I've seen is like a thousand pounds. Thanks Dontpannic, it is not a nice feeling at all.
  3. The car was locked when I got to it and I had to unlock it with the fob. Then I noticed that the microphone was not on the wheel. That's where I thought something wasn't right. And Voila! The car stereo was gone! While the £200 spent on the stereo was painful, the feeling that accompany the theft is way worse! I have contacted, a few security companies and they are all quoting a minimum of £1500 for CCTV and alarm system. That'll be my next focus, next time I'll be able to see what actually happened.
  4. Thank you for your response. You raised very important points. I have to say that locking my car is second nature to me. The car was packed right in front of my house and I did not even hear the door close. I did not hear any alarm go off either. Or is there a way that thieves can manage all this without triggering the alarm or breaking the glass? The car is old and unattractive, so that might be a reason not to steal it. Now, I feel confused and deflated.
  5. Hello everyone, I upgraded my car stereo from factory standard to a Pioneer one with phone connection, as my Jabra cruiser bluetooth was getting temperamental and the UK law has become stricter around usage of mobile while driving. I got up today, unlocked my car as usual with the fob and realised that my new car stereo has been stolen! It was stolen without any car windows broken. I am scared, in shock and I feel violated. I feel like they'll be coming back for my car or maybe even break into my house with my family indoors. I do not want my little children to experience any of this. Money is so hard to come by and I was actually praying that this 120k mileage car would run for a few more years. Anyway, I am wondering is it possible to break in without breaking any windows? Does this mean they have a spare key for my car? Also what are people doing for home security these days? Right now, I feel like finding the money to install an alarm, camera and anything else in my home! Finally, is it worth reporting to the police on 101? Thank you all.
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