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  1. Hi everyone! Fallen victim, like a lot of others on the forum, to life getting in the way of posting and modifying as much as we would like to! However here's a few updates since my last post: MOT & Service carried out Yellowstuff Pads fitted as my current ones were running a bit low Trip to the Nurburgring complete! A big one off the bucket list! Hamann Fogs fitted General maintenance To do list: Fix up driver's seat bolster Replace faded bonnet badge (I replaced it already but it faded after less than a year! Any suggestions?!) Replace faded / old looking kidney grilles Wish list: Front end respray to get rid of those stone chips New carbon splitters Any other suggestions? Anyways, some pics! The Fogs - a big improvement! The start of the Nurburgring Trip: Random Belgian forest: Pic after a random clean: Will upload more if I decide to reinstall Tapatalk to my phone, hope you guys enjoy this for now!
  2. Hi all, Things seem to be a little quiet on the Events side but I was looking to head to Deutschefest at Brands Hatch in a couple weeks. Was wondering if anyone else from the forum was going? I'd be keen to go with a car club as I've never done so before! Let me know if anyone has plans! Thanks, Dan
  3. Excited to see where this goes - when's the big reveal? Btw that tyre stretch also makes me quite nervous haha
  4. Stunning - CSL reps are my favourite wheels on the E46's (slightly biased as I have some myself). Ride height looks perfect!
  5. Always nice to see another Purple (Ahem, "Velvet Blue") Clubsport! Got any plans? Why thank you Sir Good point! It's been like that since I bought the car. Not actually thought about it being colour coded since you brought it up! Good spot
  6. Ooo nice! Pics? Or do you have a thread up here?
  7. Okay so I need to get proper pics, but here's two pics from a clean last week Thursday. Was out and about lots last weekend and needed the dirt/salt off. Usual two bucket method, quick blast of detailing spray while drying but then finished with a layer of AG Extra Gloss Protection. Obviously normally uses to protect Polish but I thought I'd try it and it came out great! Gave an extra little shine and protection against the following rain. Hopefully these kinda show the lowering? Much more even than before. I willlll get proper side shots soon! And two random pics from the snow. Because why not? Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  8. Eagerly awaiting pics! The Imola Red is stunning! Any other plans for 2018?
  9. Couldn't agree more. Among people who've seen my car, it's one of their favourite upgrades / mods. It is a bit of a pain to keep clean though but definitely worth it! Yes! I couldn't recommend them enough. I know I'm being useless with pics, I will get some up soon! Also @Daz 330 Cs - I'VE FINALLY FIXED MY SAGGING DOOR TRIMS WOOO!
  10. This may be my favourite car on the forum Whereabouts in London are you based Syxx? Would be great to see you and the car at a meet!
  11. Thanks Hawk. Funnily enough I saw a pic of the original red interior and it was pretty alarming. So glad it's been restored to how it should be! Tax & Insurance sorted (the Bank balance hurts) Tyres bought and booked in (again, hurt the bank balance) Eibach springs purchased and fitted (yup, RIP the Bank balance) - need to post pics but I love how looks. I reckon these springs are perfect. I loved the AC's i had on before but it was a touch too low at the back but needed to be a bit lower at the front. The Eibachs have given me exactly what I want. Very happy! Puddle lights fitted Door speakers upgraded (got my Rockford Fosgates finally fitted, after they sat in my room for nearly a year...) STILL need to fix my falling door trims. Need to do it this week as we've got family from abroad coming over - can't have them seeing that lol
  12. Looks good! More details on the spec? And what are your plans for her?
  13. So many changes! Really liked those M Parallels on it. What's the situation with the carbon dippage? I'm looking to get something done about my scuffed carbon splitters, and Hamman Fog Covers are on my list but I can't afford actual carbon ones so looking at alternatives..
  14. Well, time to resurrect this thread! Been a fairly quiet winter in terms of modifications or changes. The Dealer Beemer has been running without any real issues which is nice. Few things on my to do list coming up: (Boring stuff like Tax & Insurance due next month) Change of springs - they're corroded so needed changing and want them done before summer. Currently got AC Schnitzer's on but heading down the Eibach Sportline route after much deliberation! Tyres are wearing thin and again, want them replaced for summer. Looking at some Yokohama's (details to follow) e Hamman Fogs - love how these look so definitely want a set (Still need to) refurb / treat Driver's seat bolster Replace Carbon Splitters as I f*cked them up last year, but the front needs a respray anyways due to all the stone chips Any other suggestions?
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