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  1. Its traction kicking in like mad. 1st gear literally with quarter lock steering car wont even move. If i have traction off then i can control throttle input a little better but still get a lot of wheel spin.
  2. How do i change stiffness in same coilovers? And it is wheelspin i am trying to correct. Adjusting coilovers on rears to sit a fraction lower, will that help reduce the wheelspin? And should i change camber to less negative or increase, again to try avoid the excessive wheelspin i am getting under very minimum throttle. Thanks
  3. http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/181363755732?_mwBanner=1 Similar to these
  4. Did have reallignment but still negative camber. And ride is really bad too. Really bumpy. Feel every little bump in the road
  5. I have 4 brand new tyres, plus before suspension was changed, car had same power and no problem delivering. Problem has occured since lowering.
  6. I drive a 330 CD e46 2005. Car has been modified using coilovers all round. Wheelspacers used on front. Issue I have is that I get way too much wheelspin under even minimum throttle. Nightmare trying to pullout of junctions as traction control will not allow car to move in 1st at all. If traction off, then just complete wheel spin even at 20% throttle. In a straightline my car still spinning in 3rd. Both rears since change of suspension have had wheel realignment but still on negative camber. Tyres are brand new quality tread tyres. Short and long of it is that power simply not being transfered onto road and as a result of continual wheelspin and traction kicking in, driveshaft snapped last week. Any suggestions to help improve other than return to original suspension. Thanks.
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