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  1. Yeah just tried that today drained it and refilled with correct fluids from BMW still no different
  2. Problem appears mainly in 1st and reverse it’s not persistent all the time either but when it happens the car judders or kangaroo hops a little, once you’re in motion it seems to go . and very occasionally the car won’t pull away at all when this happens the revs need to go over 2-2.5 then she will lurch into life. the rest of the time the cars fine and shows no other signs of a problem. i have cleared the codes today and will rescan it again to see what crops up shortly.
  3. Looking for previous clubsport owners. Hi all, iv been away from the forum for a few years now but have never lost my love for the e46. iv had a few during my absence and at present I have two estoril Clubsports... I know seems greedy lol , one manual and one SSG. just wondering if I can track down any previous owners of either car one just for haha’s and the other because the Ssg has issues and I’m having trouble figuring it out. (Just want to see if it’s had a similar issue in the past) the manual is pictured below and the other ssg is registration ce52aon both have had private plates on in the past so I know it’s probably a long shot.
  4. Zim

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    A few random pics of my car
  5. checked the cabin filter seemsclean as a whistle . Damn blowers only work when they want It does blow a very small amount of air when its not working properly but not enough to clear the screen or warm us up when its freezing out..
  6. Iv had this issue since buying the car with what i thought would be the fsr obviously it wasnt realy an issue during the summer months but now the weathers changed i need to be able to demist the windows. Iv changed the fsr for the newer style, iv also changed the actual control panel as i had another car handy. it worked two times, but since then has been inconsistant , when it works everything is fine all blowers seem to work hot and cold, even the aircon seems icey. im assuming there isnt an issue with any of the stepper motors etc. Not sure what else i can look at and cant afford to just take it to a garage after getting a turbo replaced two weeks ago...
  7. Iv just picked up a 330i exhaust with the idea of just cutting the tips of to replace the brewers droop on my 330d, is it worth doing anything else with it ; eg , gutting the back box, removing resonators etc ?
  8. is this something i could trace myself with limited capabilities ?
  9. 330 d 03 saloon so amongst the many issues iv had with this car are the lights, first of all was the front side lights which kept blowing never did figure out why but the solution it seems was to put in led's since then no more issues there. but now i keep getting an intermitant brake light out warning but when i check they are fine, the light does go away now and then but always comes back. today i noticed that one headlight seems much brighter than the other and sure enough when i check the rear its the same thing on the same side. ?? any ideas before i go spending more money on an autoelectrician to figure this out.
  10. yeah im liking them too very comfy on 17's compared with the silly lows and stretched tyres iv become used too, and freshly refurbed with 4 matching conti tyres = good times.
  11. Almost forgot the as it is now pics; and a few pics of the bits painted up ready to go on along with the exhaust tips all polished up as they were in a terrible state. now just to decide if i merely cut of the tips or just use the rear box aswell..
  12. well i havent been on here for a while since getting the 330D as its really got me down but with most of the niggles sorted now (touch wood) the moddifing bug has bitten again. so far since December iv done the following ; Fitted new coilovers and short drop links then removed them as they ruined the ride. new Lowering springs new tie/track rods , new front drop links , new rear caliper, new lower wishbone (p,s) new bushes, new handbrake shoes new pads all round, new water pump new thermostat. new rear drop links. New ice blue xenon bulbs Calipers and discs have been painted silver to prevent rusting. Also have a new larger intercooler and slim line fan not fitted yet , along with a back box from a 330 to replace brewers droop down pipes. Even managed to source a few little bits second hand almost new rear discs and pads, drivers belt, hedgehog and drivers side caliper. As path of the course with me the car has had a few sets of wheels during its time. however at present running on some comfy 17's.
  13. At first i had thought they were Racing dynamics etc but turns out they're Fittipaldi's i think a nice coat of gunmetal etc and they'd look pretty good.
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