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  1. Discs & Pads front and back , Two new front tyres.
  2. Morning fellas,my 03 reg 325Ci has the airbag light coming on randomly,not been on for 2 days now but started up this morning and its come back on, Had the car serviced at Christmas and my indie advised on the bill that a new passenger seat pad was needed presumably to cure the airbag light issue, The car is fitted with electric sport alcantara seats and after trawling the net can,t find any for sale anywhere, I cured this same issue on our e39 530i Sport with a bypass emulator,is this the way to go to cure the issue with the 325i ? I don,t really want to buy a new seat even if i could find one as the car has only done 73,000mls and the seats are immaculate, Thanks for any help on this issue.
  3. Not sure really,going try and keep it as clean as it is,i,ll be browsing the forum for any pointers.
  4. Replaced my 530i Individual saloon with this,325Ci Sport,genuine 72000mls,its my first 3series and i,m over the moon with it, Still got my 530i Sport Touring for my e39 fix,Excuse the blue barriers,electricity board has decided dig the paths in our road up.
  5. Thanks Andy,hope its going be a good one,its sitting on 72000mls with full history,actually went to look at a different car but the e46 just stood out so clean and after a test drive my mind was made up.
  6. My two 5ers and the new purchase 325i
  7. Just tried to upload pics,but keep getting a notification saying i can only upload 1024kb, Am i doing something wrong?pics are on my iphone and don,t have any probs uploading on 5forum,please bare in mind i,m not technically minded.
  8. Morning everyone,i,m Mick and i live in Trentham,Stoke on Trent, I,m 51yrs old,married to Donna and we have a big soft Bullmastiff named Hartley, I currently own 2 e39 530i,s one a Sport Touring the other a Midnight Blue Edition Individual,also in the past i,ve had a e39 525i Sport and an e38 740i. Anyway the reason for me signing up to the forum is that the Individual is going to make way for an 03 reg 325 Ci Sport in Slate Grey, I,m looking forward to browsing the forum and contributing where i can.
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