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    GM5 module? does the central locking work?
  2. ive had it not throw a code and it was sending incorrect values to the ecu, the car thought it was working fine as it was getting the info, it’s just the info was incorrect. plus it’s so easy to test it, simply unplug and go for a drive it either improves or doesn’t.
  3. Just wanted to say after a lot of reading and buying some adapters. The HK speakers are already in a plastic adapter ring which will fit better than any piece of mdf or abs you can buy from eBay. I had not read this anywhere so wasted £6. Peel the tiny metal tabs back and remove, then orientate your speaker to suit your application pop a few pilot holes in and screw it down. I also used some foam tape in the sandwich but it’s probably not necessary, bmw used glue.
  4. they sit a little proud by design but years of lifting the bonnet with it will lead it to bend out. you can bend it back but it will always be visible
  5. gonna throw an intake leak and/or a vacuum leak in for good measure but slightly harder to diagnose.
  6. pretty sure the glow plug system is for cold starting and emissions control while engine comes up to temp, once the engine is warm they are of no use. also the egr delete while throwing a light should not have a detrimental effect on the running, after all removal of the system improves things. is your MAF working ok? you could try unplugging it and going for a test drive, easy fix if it’s that!
  7. don’t worry, it’s an X1869 23pin connector and X521 4pin connector for any one whose search leads them here.
  8. Forgot to nab a bit of loom from my scrapper. I need a part number for the connector which goes into the DSC/heated seat panel. Current set up is a single ASC switch. New set up will be Heated Seats and ASC long panel type. There are two sockets a long multi plug type and a short 3 pin. I’ve looked on realOEM but I can’t figure it out, specifically I need to know the connector types as I will re pin it to suit my application. Thanks!
  9. be mindful of the GM5 module problems, that can also present as problems with the central locking. plenty of info if you search.
  10. aftermarket sports cats can be cheaper than OEM, it could also be a flex section that’s failed that would be nice and cheap. take it to an exhaust place and get a pro opinion if you can’t one hundred percent tell which bit is leaking
  11. it’s done, I’ve pulled absolutely everything I want off it, be sad to see her go, a flawless car in all regards. only ever truly out gunned by proper performance vehicles. a fond memory of getting the launch on an E60 M5 touring, not convinced he knew we were racing, before being absolutely annihilated. good times, no more updates this car is dead. thanks for reading.
  12. I can’t believe how not interested I am in doing this interior swap! Just spent the day stripping down electric X5 seats to use on manual frames because I can’t be arsed with wiring them in, also took the opportunity to retrofit lumbar support which I also can’t be arsed to wire in but that may change in the future. Similarly I can’t be bothered to wire in the heated seat pads either. Donor car is almost a shell now hoping the poorly fitted scrap suspension doesn’t collapse when being dragged off the drive 🤣
  13. I’ve had a mobile tyre fitter almost refuse to swap a tyre on an MV1 as he believed it should be a run flat. He wasn’t the brightest bloke I’ve ever met, but I feel it’s a common misconception for some reason. Did other BMW models of a similar vintage start introducing them around this time, the Z3/4 perhaps?
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