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    10k!!! there are 3 M3’s on auto trader for less than that
  2. done!! still got my face! had to compress on the lower part of the hat, which is NOT best practice. I’m a new convert to jacking the control arm up and releasing the nut with the strut in situ then lowering the jack to release the spring tension, unfortunately this is almost impossible to reverse as everything misaligns. Get the correct tools or get a garage to do it, I was terrified the whole time 🤣
  3. So I’ve been running a 318i on 330d H&R cup kit lowering springs for a while out of circumstance, just today got hold of some 318i lowering springs which I’m changing over so it shouldn’t look like it’s on stilts and hopefully will handle a little better. Kerb weight (touring) of the 318i is 1370kg, 330d is 1590kg obviously that’s a massive difference so I’m excited to see how it looks and feel how it drives! I’d forgotten how much fun it is doing these struts with a pair of widow makers!!
  4. that does seem to be a common fault, it can be adjusted by using different sized spring pads
  5. 11 years for that and it was worth the wait 🤣
  6. yes, you will need a head unit of your choice, a E46 single din trim plate, a E46 harness adaptor and an E46 antenna adaptor. Headunit aside, if you eBay search you will be inundated with cheap results for the boring bits!
  7. that is a flipping complicated mix of parts you’ve got going on there! are you running the correct engine management for the engine you have fitted? 318d and 320d have different cam shaft profiles, could be part of your problem if the physical durations don’t match with what your computer is telling it to do when the boost comes on? I’m guessing now this sounds like an absolute nightmare to sort out, good luck 🤣
  8. dude it could be anything, maybe the map is screwy?
  9. I didn’t even know there was an E90 section!! anyway there’s only about 5 active people on this forum so it’s slim pickings for advice at best! you say you’ve had things mapped out is it still running the base performance map?
  10. Hello, you’ve come to the wrong place with your futuristic E90 but i’ll try and help, What else did the mechanics say, did they diagnose it and say fuel system or just guess based on what you’d told them? Could be the high pressure fuel pump not delivering enough juice when you boost? I’m amazed there are no fault codes, have you run BMW specific software and taken live readings?
  11. 51718189100 is the one you want for a RHD vehicle. Other than right or left hand drive they are all the same. Haven’t got a clue about sourcing in Oz. Personally I’d check eBay first then ask BMW, they may surprise you.
  12. having said that I’m still firmly in the market for a one stop shop to stick a six pot in my touring. so if anyone does have contact and location please PM me! Or alternative options for sourcing and fitting an engine in london/south east area!
  13. where about’s is this Las fella based? and can anyone PM me his contact details? I’m not able to look on Facebook, Cheers!
  14. very nice! it’ll feel brand new when you get your suspension sorted!
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