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  1. So this guy dave drinks a lot, and his Mrs told him if he comes home drunk again she'll leave him. So a few weeks passed and he was in the pub with his mate and got very drunk and spilt his beer all down his clean white shirt. And said to his mate "she'll leave me Bob, she'll know I got drunk and I don't know what to do" Bob said "try this, put 10 pounds in your shirt top pocket and say a guy bumped into you in the pub and spilt his drink on you and apologised and gave you the tenner for the dry cleaners" Dave thought this excellent and made his way home half cut. Got indoors and the Mrs was fuming! "DAVE I WARNED YOU, RIGHT THAT'S IT, I'M OFF"! "hold on dear its not like that at all, let me explain, this guy bumped into me and spilt his drink on me and gave me ten pounds for the dry cleaners you see". Mrs said "oh OK, but why is there TWENTY pounds in your back trouser pocket"? Dave said " oh, that's from the other guy who shat in my pants".
  2. Thanks all. Sorted! Had it properly scanned(forgot my bro in law had scanner as he's a mobile mech). Fyi boys, new pads all round, cleaned T C rotors and sensors. All groovy now. Thanks guys.
  3. Hope its not the YAW, its under the bloody throne!
  4. Thanks. So I'm presuming my little device I used is basically trash and I need a proper scan done? With special dedicated software etc? I wonder why it gave me them codes then.
  5. Had a, 4507 and 4530. Egr air mass too low and boost pressure too low.. Replaced both and now she's flying!! Only thing is, I've had the faults deleted yet the bloody dash lights are still indicating its a problem! Mot due, and now sobbing.
  6. Okay! Here we go! Lol I've managed to get her driving now, much thanks to you sir. This is how, and what I'm left with, the only way I've done it is held the ASC in for about 8secs, the little central orange triangle light with circle in middle is on, and so is the abs light in orange and the handbrake light is on. But now able to drive it. I wonder why this is?
  7. Hi mate. Thanks, I'll try that in a min. Sorry, what a wally! Yes it's a 52reg 230d Cheers.
  8. Hi all. Hope everyone is still fit and well in this madness. Here's what's going on now. She's been laid up for a few months, but now when I start to drive off it won't go above 1000 rpm and barely moves! It will rev up fine in neutral with either clutch up or down, does seem to be smoking a lot. I've fully cleaned the egr,oh and the orange triangle only comes on when I start to pull away. As usual guys, many thanks in advance. All my best to you all.
  9. Hello guys. Here's one for you. I'm rather confused here. I'm currently wiring up my tow bar kit, nuts and bolts side is done. Now, I've spliced into the left and right tail lights, indicators and brakes etc. Using the correctly supplied relay kit, which is solid state by the size of it. BUT, for some reason the tail lights and brake lights on test with multimeter at the actual wires that go into the clusters are only showing around 3v, yet they light up fine on the car. Which needless to say is making my trailer tester freak out. I'm thinking, 3v at each tail lamp that's 12v in total, maybe some weird way they've done that? Is there something I should know here.? For example, is it some weird way they've supplied the clusters, maybe one should tap into the plate illuminators and central high level brake light? I've naturally tested all earthing continuity and is OK. I would love to hear from any dude that's done this. Thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks chaps! Ordered and on its way! I'll take the seat out, shrink myself down a good foot, take some valium and book a few days off work to make sure. Lol. Seriously , thanks fellas.
  11. Thanks driver, Yes I did get the right unit, but just out of curiosity why some of them i looked at on a well known auction site had factory stickers on saying 'not for diesel models'. Hey thanks for the link buddy, I'm on it. Many thanks Ps! I'm looking up the hedgehog resistor, now is it the same as petrol models? Ta muchly
  12. Morning people! Has anyone had their cabin blower fan drain their battery overnight? I've removed the fuses and it doesn't drain. I've ordered a replacement control panel in the hope it's that and not the Wiring. Also guys, just out of interest, anyone know why the although the panels look identical, why are they diesel and petrol specific? Thanks in advance chaps!
  13. HI again chaps. We'll this time she's developed over the last week, a small drip of brake fluid. And it's drips off from the surround of the front sump cover rim. I would say, about quarter of a teaspoon in 24 hours. I've collected some in a container and it's not diesel . Before I attack her this weekend with spanners, can anyone say if this is a common fault of known repute? I'll have to take the belly pan off . The fluid level in Reservoir hasn't dropped whatsoever, and I've marked the side. my air conditioning packed up a couple of months ago could it be lubricant from that? I always try to give you guys as much info as possible. Thanks in advance as usual.
  14. Turns out it was the strut top bearings. "Slaps forehead"
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