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  1. Is that what youre after? https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E46-SALOON-TOOL-KIT-GOOD-CONDITION-GENUINE-PART-FREE-P-P/132538896821?hash=item1edbef11b5%3Ag%3AS78AAOSw2fpaqlDY&_nkw=bmw+e46+tool+kit&_from=R40&rt=nc https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E46-316-318-320-325-3-SERIES-SALOON-COUPE-TOOL-KIT-IN-CASE-90-COMPLETE/183347074745?hash=item2ab05656b9%3Ag%3AQbcAAOSwKJlbM61G&_nkw=bmw+e46+tool+kit&_from=R40&rt=nc Theyre not leather tho, I would phone up a local scrapyard and see if they have a touring and just pay them a visit and see if the tool kit is there.
  2. What a horrible start of the day I had, noticed a nasty scratch on the car (which wasn't there day before as I was T-cutting that section of the car). Was pretty shallow but if you ran your finger on it you would feel the ridge. Im almost certain it was probably the kids playing out on the streets yesterday as I seen one of them lurk around on his bike but whatever, they're just kids. In a desperate act I used more T-cut and Triplewax polish on that scratch and also took some paint that I had from the touch up kit and filled in the scratch to even it out a little and then polished the excess off. Moderator please move this topic to appropriate section of the forum, thanks.
  3. There has been a few things going on with the car, did some touch ups on my own namely the bonnet and two of the rear wheel arches had some minor rust spots which I sanded off and then applied primer and paint. Up close you can easily see that its a DIY kind of job however from a further distance you no longer see a nasty rust spot which I am happy about. Went to BMW to get my safety recall (front passenger and drivers airbag replaced) done and they have carried out a basic service check on the car which said the following: -engine oil leak -transmission fluid leak -puncture in offside rear tyre - front and rear brakes need replacing I left the dealership a little broken and devastated inside, that was on a Friday and on Monday I gave the car to my mechanic for a check and gladly it turns out there was a leak however it was not the engine or transmission, it was the coolant tank seal that was causing the leak. It was a minor leak and thus got no warning light that there was little coolant and I needed to top up. The engine cover that goes underneath the car was covered in oil from previous leak (rocker gasket seal replaced- don't know the technical term ) and so that got a good clean. As far as the brakes go, I replaced front discs and pads when I got the car so I suspected that they were trying to bulls*** me into buying new original BMW ones for a fortune I bet. I had the tyre fixed, there was a nail in the middle of it... after putting air in all the tyres I had the same DSC/traction control warning triangle come up with orange handbrake icon, I assume it will go away on its own like it previously did if not I will check the sensors perhaps they might be causing the fault. Here is a couple of pictures before doing the touch up on the bonnet and after, used a little needle to apply the paint, lengthy and boring process. The effect is mixed, Im happy I no longer see a ton of white dots from the stone chips but on the other hand if I look up close I got more dots the same colour as my paint all over, anyway its my first time doing any painting or touching up on a car. Before: After:
  4. Only one way to find out, my front alloys are kerbed quite badly so Im sure it cant look much worse.
  5. I came across that https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/SILVER-Alloy-Wheel-Scuffs-Chips-Scrapes-Kerbed-Professional-Touch-Up-Repair-Kit/372158276376?epid=7017015156&hash=item56a65ca318%3Ag%3AvhcAAOSwySlaJm59&_sacat=82099&_nkw=alloy+repair+kit&_from=R40&rt=nc#UserReviews when looking for something to do with my alloys, will give it a go to see if it will make any difference agianst more expensive products.
  6. About time got around to getting rid of them scratches, no pro job ofcourse but its good enough. Before after
  7. Found that when going thru the documents, small piece of trivia. https://i.imgur.com/NGNrc8b.jpg These are some of the bits that need doing as far as body work goes. https://i.imgur.com/olwfOJu.jpg https://i.imgur.com/3rwPwtc.jpg https://i.imgur.com/7NMdLcU.jpg Abs light went away on its own, hopefully it will stay that way but will check it either way when I'll be getting new tyres.
  8. Rather have them than missing trim and load of glue in the place where it was😁plus it fits nicely with the aluminium panels.As for the car I bonded to it pretty quick. Im certain it will be my ride for the next 3/4 years and then I'd hope to get a 330 with proper spec so no more nasty ebay badges😁Will upload some more pictues of sides and rear and hopefully in August it will get painted.
  9. Here are a few pics, might take it out on a drive if I have some spare time and do some pictures in a nice scenery. https://ibb.co/hwADCJ https://ibb.co/cDBaRd https://ibb.co/hQdYCJ https://ibb.co/dro0sJ https://ibb.co/bLWLsJ https://ibb.co/ipUJey https://ibb.co/mWwLsJ https://ibb.co/bBejKy https://ibb.co/cPxtCJ First few are seats after being cleaned a number of times with a leather cleaner, no particular wow effect however it gave it a nice shine, will probably treat it with a black paste for leather kind of what you would polish your shoes with might cover up some wear. Went to Ebay and bought some M performace badges, the one you see on the ash tray cover is there because the original silver trim was missing, so I thought I might as well put this in to over it up and it looks good, altho originally its juts an ES. Alloys are generally okay, you might tell they've hit the kerbs quite a few times in their life. Will soon buy a touch up pen in the original Sparkling Graphite Metallic and attempt to remove the chips on the front which are quite noticeable. As far as the warning lights on the dash go, today I discovered a slight noise which sounded a bit like two pieces rubbing on each other in the rear left wheel. Maybe that causes the warning lights to go off, will get the sensors checked either way but its not a priority for now. I'll look into obtaining the scan tool you recommended, one of those things that its good to have with you but you dont need it everyday. Thanks
  10. Couple of weeks ago I went to Newcastle and bought that gray 318ci. On the phone we agreed to 1600 but upon closer inspection discovered oil leak and front brakes that needed replacing. Bought it for £1400, took it to my mechanics garage where the seal was replaced in the rocker to stop the leak, new front discs and pads, new oil,air and pollen filters were put in as well as oil changed.This set me back £320. Few days into driving it engine light came on and the car lost some power, I mean I had to rev it to over 3k rpm to get it to move...it turned out to be cylinder 4 misfire.The cylinder would go off at will and so on a weekend drive down the motorway to my brother about halfway thru I was driving on 3 cylinders, there and back. Probably not the smartest thing to do...went back and bought a set of bosh sparkplugs using the discount on eurocarparts and as it turned out the plug on cylinder 4 was worn out, the previous owner/s would replace one at a time so they all has uneven wear...set of 4 was 26 pounds and had it fitted for free so not complaining. So far I've done over 160miles in the car, covered 110miles on 20pound worth od petrol which is around 18L or something. Average fuel consumption was 36mpg but 60 miles were done on motorway the rest in the city. I cleaned the interior and replaced the missing badges from the alloys (bmw caps and m emblems), cleaned the leather multiple times and hand polished the car (being a car valeter helps😁). Since I will be keeping hold of the car for the next few years I would definetly want to put angel eyes in it and most likely paint the arches and the rear bumper. I may upload few pics after I get back home. Afterall, I own a BMW🤩 Forgot to mention, had an amber parking brake light come on and an icon in the middle which is a triangle with a circle around it, I think its the traction control but i'm no expert, conencted 3 different computers to it but all showed no fault.This morning both disappeared. Will do some research later on, anyone had simmilar problem?
  11. Yah, seems like a good offer except its quite far away, I live near Newcastle and will be moving in September to Leicester which ironically is right next to Coventry... Lol im not having much luck so far. Moving and studying at uni forced me to have a low budget if it wasnt for that I would be able to afford something better.
  12. Yeah perhaps you may be right but idk, i know its not everyday someone asks you to drive somewhere to sell your car. I'd drive him back home. I've noticed some of these cars are hard to sell, one dealer is listing his 320d coupe since March and its still there the ad gets refreshed everyday. I phoned up the dealer who sells the grey 318 es from autotrader said lowest price is 1700 with fsh might consider taking a look at it, I doubt it will be sold but they dropped the price as originally it was 1895. Not bad I guess
  13. So a little update😀 still havent bought a car, the one that I was ment to see I could not get a lift its about 20miles away and my mechanic could not go for whatever reason, when I asked the guy if he could drive it to here and we would workout a deal he said he has done it before and it apparently got him a speeding ticket. To me smells like strong bs and I think the guy was perhaps afraid that the car would brake down on this short motorway drive. Anyway, good thing perhaps still waiting for something good to pop up on gumtree or autotrader.
  14. The second one has full service history I spoke to the seller on the phone he said least he would take is £1700, I noticed its been on autotrader since April, I think I'll just give it some time and perhaps some other cars would go on sale then. I dont mind the basic model, I know it will be tough to get better for the cash I wanna spend. If I was to get say a golf for around 1400 or 1500 and insure it for 500 and pay 90 a month with tax it would add up to little over 2k so I thought if I pay that little extra I might afford to run an e46. The first one is attractive offer and even insurance works out cheaper but I've heard the most expensive BMW is a cheap one😀 Never the less, thanks for your advice.
  15. I dont want to make another topic so I'll just ask here,I've also been looking at another 3 series, this one is a 2003 saloon with same 2.0L engine I believe its the 140hp one. Its done 117k miles and has part service history with other documents and MOT till February next year. It costs £850 tho I could try to grab it for less, I am aware the car would definetly require some attention. I know that one wheel arch is starting to rust so that would get sorted. What kind of money am I looking at to throw into this car to get it right? The owner says all electrics are fine and car drives and starts no problem, we all know that nobody will tell you 100% if there is something wrong or not so once bought and taken to mechanics all will be revealed. Am I better off buying a more ready to go type of car? My budget is £2000, this is my first car (yeah I know, petrol,BMW=high insurance tough I'll get through it, I work 10h a day every damn day and if I want anything from life I choose a solid E46 <3). The insurance would be 1700-1800 a year depending on saloon or Coupe, I can afford it. Please advise me Thanks Will post the ads if anyone wants to look into them and give their opinion, the one from autotrader comes from a trade dealership with FSH etc. so I would assume its trustworthy: https://www.gumtree.com/p/bmw/bmw-318i-m-sport-/1300529218 https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201803224828036?advertising-location=at_cars&make=BMW&sort=distance&model=3 SERIES&radius=1500&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&price-to=2000&postcode=sr48df&page=1
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