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  1. Cruise control must be able to control the wheels. It won't play ball if you have a wheel fault.
  2. Read codes. Trying to fix an ECU managed car without electronics diagnostic is akin to fixing Microsoft Excel with a screwdriver. Theoretically, it should be possible. But usually, it is not.
  3. Yes, there is a way to check without diagnostic tools. Just keep buying parts until money gone. Then inspiration will strike.
  4. You can keep using your existing oil. If you think it's worth changing, then easiest to splash out on dealer oil. No guessing then. Identical oil without the BMW logo is just as good if you can work out which oil it is.
  5. The filter is said to have a pressure regulator :https://www.car-parts24.com/Mahle-fuel-filter-with-pressure-regulator-for-BMW-E46-Z3 Extra air going in means incorrect fuel/air mixture and dust in engine.
  6. Everything is plastic since the E36. What I need to clean is the internal "magnifying glass" that has a film of dirt on it. That's real glass I think. Silicone is supposed to deteriorate in time. I did use it many years ago to stick the interior door trim back on after cutting it to relieve elastic tension. It's still working great and definitely superior to BMW's glue that failed after 4 years.
  7. Silicon can tolerate up to 200 C, unaffected. I don't really see it getting that hot or even reach 100 C on the casing. Then it would become a scalding hazard that people would have been warned about. I think both high temperature or normal ones should work. If it doesn't, it would be easy to scrape off and redone. I haven't looked. Maybe the reason they needed strong glue was because the pieces weren't screw together.
  8. Sounds like it's BMW BS then just to glue-seal on some cars. In that case the transparent bathroom silicon should work just as well. On mine, I have the lens washer. This could be the reason for sealing. I have disabled the washer because of leaks and not worth fixing as it makes a mess on the bonnet.
  9. But does it need to be inconvenient? I haven't tried before but I am interested to open the housing to clean the lens. Is it not possible to use a heat gun to soften and completely remove the black glue, and then reseal with Silkaflex 221 after? Also, is the headlight housing completely sealed air tight? BMW uses Silkaflex 221 for sealing the front wheel hub caps. It's not clear if the stuff on the light housing is the same thing. I think even the normal silicone sealant will work if the goal is just to do an airtight seal. The silicone sealant would be a lot easier to work with or to remove.
  10. You can actually see the LEDs in this one: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32852026840.html I think there are also hybrid ccfl + led types that could be confusing people.
  11. If they say it's LED, then it is LED. If they get it wrong then you can have most if not all your money back and keep what you received. Aliexpress will ask you how much you want refunded. I don't think £9 is that much to risk. If you report not as described to aliexpress, and present a photo, they will give you your money back in a jiffy. The money will be coming from aliexpress directly. The seller won't even get a say. Seriously, are you that hard up to worry about £9? I now do my own chips, so don't know how many portion of chips you can buy with that nowadays? The chance is that they are not wrong, because it makes no sense for them to throw money away. What they likely have done is put up some generic pictures. If you take a screen shot of the description, you will be perfectly safe. Of course, there are always unknowns and risks. I have had great luck with nothing going wrong for me over long periods with a very wide range of products, so I would take them up on the offer with no problems assuming they don't withdraw and cancel. There's nothing to stop you sending them a question. Just don't get too complicated because you will just end up confusing them. They are just simple sellers who might not know what they are selling. If the link I gave you is no use, there are mountains of other sellers nearby. They can't all be wrong. You can also look at what the buyers are saying. But usually the best price comes from new sellers who try to make the first sales before lifting the price. One down side to buying from china is the delivery time is unpredictable. Sometimes less than a week, sometimes 1.5 months. I have gotten used to that and will only go local on urgent stuff, or heavy stuff that cost too much to ship. Things like wiper blades, silicon inserts for them, jack pads, drive belts, AC refrigerants, ABS pressure sensors, car tools, washing machine bearings, CPUs, GPUS, etc, etc, the wait didn't bother me, these could take as long as they needed to reach me.
  12. Well, I did say take them off. Don't start saying you got that brilliant idea first! As for changing car, everyone has to do it at some point. Given the age of your car, the insurance will try writing it off the first chance they get. They'd get rid of younger cars than yours. It said LED. If it's not LED, you ask for full refund and keep it for free. Are you saying their LED is not driven by a LED driver? I am not expert on angel eyes. I am fairly expert on buying from china. On the one occasion in the past 2 years where they sent the wrong size item, they refunded me after I presented a photo. Made with high quality SMD LED lights. 4 pieces 106mm LED Angel Eyes Ring. Two kinds of LED colors: white color or yellow color. Brighter than conventional CCFL halo rings.
  13. Do people really need help spending money? I would think it's rather easy, £9 for a whole set from spain or china: www.aliexpress.com/item/4001162381497.html Living without is also a good option. Take it off, all done.
  14. I said nothing about selling car. I said put money towards the next car. Even if the F30 is ugly, there's nowhere else to go if you want a BMW. It's the least ugly of the 3 series styles after the E46. The 5 series F+ might work, but a bit too big. An f30 with m3 side skirts would work for me. But such a thing doesn't exist.
  15. Live without it, and remove the working one. Save the money for the next car. Sooner or later you will have to change car. I think the F30 comes with angel eyes built in, and the car has the good looks of the classic BMW.
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