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  1. momo


    Regular, high-spec'd E46's are starting to climb in value again. I'm considering keeping my 330d now because it's a 6sp with Xenon and Sunroof - pretty rare combo! Body is f'ed mind.. lol. But nothing a couple of K couldn't fix if the car's value warranted it!
  2. Welcome.. You've missed some key info - what model is it? You've said Diesel - What engine size? From the 210bhp i'm assuming it's a 318d or a 320d so the 4cyl diesel. Manual/Auto? If you gut the DPF it'll be sending false readings until it's mapped out. Was it working normally after you gutted the DPF for a while? Or did this happen straight away? If you gutted the DPF after this happened the car may think there's still an issue with the DPF not regenerating or something. I would take it to a mapper who can also do diagnostics (not the usual £50 scanners, the real, proper BMW diagnostic software) to get the DPF and EGR mapped out. Get diagnostics done before (probably clear), map them out and check again after or see if there's a way of forcing the computer to think it's already been regenerated before mapping out. The E46 diesel has 2 fuel pumps, one in the tank and one under the passenger seat under the car. Blockages can cause similar issues. At the very least i'd consider a fuel filter change. Another common issue that can stop it reving to the turbo is thermostats. I think you'll have 2? They may need replacing.
  3. Sorry to hear that mate. I've heard nothing but good reviews of him, but that doesn't mean he can't do a poor job sometimes.
  4. Depends on condition and which version of the 2003 330d it is. In 2003 they went from the older M57 (5sp) model to the M57N (6sp) model. The latter is waay more tunable!
  5. momo


    But they will be! lol It's only a small amount! But if you really want it to stay as close to OEM as possible then unless you want to pay the extortionate BMW prices you'll have to get them from Euro Car Parts or something. They're cheaper than BMW but still stupidly expensive if you ask me. For the tiny amount of lower and stiffer - i'd get the Eibach.
  6. momo


    Eibach pro kit will lower the front. Maybe 10-20mm. It won't lower the rear at all. Here's a pic I found on reddit of someone who fit Pro springs to a 323Ci (it'll be the same on your 330Ci): As you can see it DOES lower, but not too much. For me, it just evens out the arch gap between front and rear. It does mean that it'll give the car a bit more rake. Also don't expect to see the drop straight away, it does take time for the springs to settle. It may look like standard once fitted but a few weeks later look a little lower. My 330d with Pro Kit springs (we don't get sportlines because of the car weight) is even lower than that by another 20mm or so. I've never had a problem with daily driving. I've had mine in since 2009. With regards to adjustment - Pretty sure you can adjust front camber/toe on the standard setup. I know i've had mine done on Hunter alignments. I think it's just a small amount. I think camber is done by moving the top mount bolts on the strut towers for the fronts. There's a TINY amount of adjustment available. Toe is easy. Caster is the difficult one. You only fit camber plates if you want to adjust quickly and/or you want more adjustment (if you want the stupid Jap camber look). Rear camber is easy, the rear camber arm has oval-type holes (not sure of the technical name) so you can adjust and tighten it back up where you want it.
  7. momo


    It'll be a generic picture.. Can't fault Eibach at all tbh! They know their stuff! So long as it says it'll fit your car, you know it'll fit! lol To add - £600 odd for this kit, I wouldn't. I'd rather consider a full coilover kit like HSD for that price. If you get Pro-Kit springs and normal Sport dampers all around it should work out closer to £350-400 (guesstimate)
  8. momo


    That's a full aftermarket kit. Not full coilovers but Pro-kit springs and their own uprated dampers. Autodoc always give the manufacturer part No which for that kit is E90-20-001-02-22 Check the Eibach site for more info: https://www.eibachshop.co.uk/eibach-b12-prokit-suspension-kit-e90200010222_p31224582.htm
  9. momo


    Are you looking for the standard sport dampers? Sachs/Boge are the OEM suppliers. These are the rear ones: https://smile.amazon.co.uk/dp/B004FPE5SE/ (pretty sure they're the same for the entire E46 range)
  10. momo


    That price is disgusting! Even for BMW.. Wow! At least they're black springs, rub off the Eibach branding when they arrive and nobody will ever know they're aftermarket! 🤣
  11. momo


    Maybe check with Cotswolds on here? IIRC they're something silly like £100 each for the rear springs. I just checked RealOEM for mine, it doesn't even show a part number! I wonder if they stopped production of them? A Sachs, standard sports spring for my 330d is £65 each from CP4L. Still not worth it at that price. Especially not if they're sold individually. With the Eibach kit, make sure you get from a reputable seller. The first set I bought was from a company that went bust a couple of years later so no warranty. The 2nd set I bought from Amazon so I know they'll honour the warranty. I believe it's 5yrs on Eibach UK springs (be careful, Eibach USA offer lifetime warranties. I got mixed up with this last time). According to the Eibach website the kit for your car (presuming it's the vert?) is E2067-140. Amazon has it for £128!! https://www.amazon.co.uk/Eibach-E2067-140-Performance-Pro-Kit-Springs/dp/B007G896V8
  12. momo


    A little bit.. Wasn't night/day difference but I could deffo feel a tiny bit less body roll for example. I've had them fitted to my car since 2009! (Yes, i've had my car that long.. lol). I wouldn't go back to standard springs at all. The last time an Eibach rear snapped I still had my Sport springs from 2009. When I removed them they were still pretty new so in great condition. Didn't even consider putting them back on for a second! All it did was remind me I still had them so sold them on.. LOL
  13. momo


    That's what I have on my dirty diesel. The pro kit doesn't lower much (if any) on the rear. The front will drop a wee bit. But they're deffo nicer feeling than standard sport springs. The rears will still crack though, one of mine cracked after about 4yrs.
  14. It's not about width. You can technically get up to 10J to fit a non-M. It's dependent on the offset. The fact that the advert you linked to also sells with standard MV2 size tyres, I would assume the offsets aren't too bad so you should be able to use your PS4's. To give you an idea, the MV2 are 8.5J with ET50. If these are 9J but say ET40, the wheel would "poke" out just over 16mm. So giving the same effect as a 15mm spacer. FYI - it's the rears that are always tight. The fronts are barely worth worrying about. If I were you i'd call them and ask for the offset specs.
  15. Welcome, i'm assuming you have the standard MV1/2 wheels? If so it's 225/40/18 front, and 255/35/18 rear. You shouldn't have 17's on the front and 18s on the rear. The rear tyres are wider, that's all.
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