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  1. Welcome! Lovely looking thing that! Very nice! RE: the seats - 90% sure they're not individual. I didn't think 2-tone seats were available even as an individual option. They look like they've been dyed or something. Done very well, mind! Bolster wear is very common on sports seats. It can affect the side and the base on the side you get into the car. When the cars were more valuable a common fix was to get an upholsterer to replace the bolster leather. Could've been that a previous owner decided to replace them with black to make them 2-tone. This is what a normal red/black interior would look like. This one has the Piano black trim too (individual option, not my car btw..). You can see the bolster wear on the base of the drivers seat on this one, after a while they can collapse especially if the driver is errr.. Heavy! lol Have you had the boot floor checked? Should be OK on yours but always worth looking at before you plough too much money into it. EDIT: These are Blackberry seats which were an individual option: Also the sill kick-plates usually say "BMW Individual" on them.
  2. The key should still work in the drivers door and the ignition barrel so you should still be able to use the car. Maybe double-check it does then give the binding a go. Chances are though, if it's suddenly stopped working the battery in the key is probably dead. The procedure is below if you want to give it a go. If the battery in the key is dead you have a few options. 1) Replace the battery, involves using a blade to prise the key open and remove and replace the battery 2) Replace the key with OEM - go to your local BMW dealer and pay ~£140 for a replacement key, they'll reprogram it to the car. I think you take your V5 and ID with you for proof of ownership. 3) Find someone who can do aftermarket keys. There used to be a company called BMKeys that a lot of people on this forum have used in the past (https://www.instagram.com/keysbm/?hl=en) - website no longer works but worth trying the mobile number to see if they're still going and maybe just let their website expire?
  3. eBay or breakers would be my first port of call.
  4. Depends on the tyre size.. Always use this website to check: https://www.willtheyfit.com/index.php?width=255&aspect=35&diameter=18&wheelwidth=8.5&offset=50&width2=255&aspect2=35&wheel_size=18&wheel_width=9&offset2=35 Fronts should be OK with whatever. If you use stock MV1/MV2 tyres sizes the rear will poke out by just under 22mm - that would probably cause rubbing unless you considered rolling arches. If you went with 235/40/18 then the tread blocks would be in the same place as the stock tyre but the wheel will still poke out by 22mm, that should give the sidewall a little bit of a stretched look also. That should work. You might get rubbing on full compression though.
  5. No it won't.. And yes it would be easier to upgrade to a 330d.
  6. Crying out for 19's!! But I know 18's drive better..
  7. I don't know Petrol engines at all, but it'd be nice to hear their explanation of why the sound is there for a minute when cold and then disappears when warm if they honestly believe it's the chain. If the chain or guides are worn, they're worn at all times! Not just when it's cold.. lol
  8. No point guessing, get the codes read. It'll be something to do with the traction/stability control systems but there's hundreds of parts to them so you'll only be throwing money down the drain replacing random bits until you get the codes read.
  9. Don't think so? MV1s were up to 2003/2004 when the E46 was facelifted. The Z4 came out in 2003 I think? I think they came on run flats but pretty sure the Z3 didn't. I would think that they're just getting confused between models and years. At the end of the day even if the car came with run flats, it's up to me what I fit. It's a very popular "upgrade" to remove the run flats on the mid-00s BMW's and fit regular tyres because the suspension wasn't designed to accommodate them so the ride wasn't very nice. Lots of people fit regular tyres and bought a spare wheel. Done. If that mobile tyre fitter argued otherwise i'd tell him where to go!
  10. Can't tell if spammer or not, but MV1 and MV2 never came with runflats.. No E46 did.
  11. He probably has a good selection of Auto Boxes lying around if you just want to do a straight swap! 😆
  12. Glad it worked out! Yeah, can imagine the M43 is a bit of a new one for him.. Haha. Well, at least he can say he's done one now!
  13. That looks amazing!! Nicely done sir!
  14. 99% sure - no.. But we also need to know the diameter and the tyre size you intend to run. Or you could just check on www.willtheyfit.com
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