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  1. momo

    Sold my 46

    Oh wow! That a bit of a change! I don't know anyone who's got an SLC. I know a couple who have SLs but they're big cruiser boats. Sounds good! So long as you enjoy the drive..
  2. momo

    Sold my 46

    I don't check this forum as regularly now.. What Merc did you get? Was tempted by an ML350 before I got my X5 but heard so many horror stories. Saying that, my mate drives an E350 and it's been solid!
  3. Your cluster needs to be reset. It can be done with software but i've heard this procedure works (taken from E46 Fanatics): De Sisti said: Turn key in ignition to position I Remove fuses (10, 34, 43) for the dash Re-insert the fuses (you'll hear a Whirring sound as you do so) Turn key in ignition to position II
  4. It's more a library for the historical knowledge now..
  5. https://www.willtheyfit.com/index.php?width=255&aspect=35&diameter=18&wheelwidth=8.5&offset=50&width2=255&aspect2=35&wheel_size=18&wheel_width=9&offset2=38 Might be close. Lowering will tuck the top of the wheel into the arch a little more than normal, but it's an 18mm difference so it could be close. You might have to fit 245 wide rear tyres to be sure.
  6. You realised you replied to a 10yr old post???
  7. So long as it's from the same type of car - same body type, spec etc.. (engine doesn't matter I don't think) then it should be plug and play. However if there's differences then it'll require recoding.
  8. Think it was 2000. We got it much earlier than the Americans. "MTEC2" is just what we call the regular "Sport" kit. MTEC1 looked very different and wasn't as aggressive.
  9. Firstly get all your ground straps back to spec, renew them if needed. Rule that out. Likely to be alternator, though if it's linked to engine speed.
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