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  1. it'll be down to damaged wiring as it passes into the tailgate, repair that and all will be fine, thats a common issue to the 46 and the 39.
  2. OK as an update, I can't do anything this major so it was a specialists job for me and the change from auto to manual is not an option I wanted to take, however I decided to have quite a bit done whilst they had it in the workshop and the same tech worked on throughout which I was happy with, so work done to resolve some issues were: Oil leak, it was leaking badly and all signs were the rear main seal, sump gasket and possibly the front seal, so bit the bullet and they had the 330i for 2 days. Result was it wasn't the rear main seal, the issue was sump gasket and oil filter housing gasket. So it all came apart, and as they had access to much more we went further, anything looking like it was perishing got replaced, I'd already done the DISA,so we had new lower control arms fitted with new bushes, 4 wheel alignment done, new gaskets and bushes where ever needed at the same time as well as a full service, coolant change and brake fluid change. We've had the car since new and my parents drive it these days, its just clocked up 100k and up until 4 years ago had BMW service/mot etc on a regular basis, but due to one thing or another (mileage related) we slowed down on the maintenance side and just did things that were felt were needed however when I drove it in November it became obvious it wasn't as sharp as before, well now its as good as it was when we first had it, it feels solid, plenty of grunt, smooth to drive, instant performance, brakes are sharp, handling is superb and no more tramlining or off camber moments, and all the parts that came off were the original parts fitted in 2003! And to recall, I replaced the battery in Sept, the one that came out was the original battery as well, so I think these are doing well. So we have a plan, interior next, its clean and relatively unworn just suffering from age so thats next up, and its showing signs of minimal rust to the n/s front wing on the arch so again that needs replacing. Then, who knows, maybe get the wheels refurbished (they've never been done but are in excellent condition). A little misting on a rear damper so we'll plan on having those done. But all in for a 17+ year old car, its bloody brilliant. I see the work done as a safeguard for the next 17 years.
  3. late to the party but no its not, the last of the pre-wired for options cars were the e32 and e34, the remainder were added if the option was requested.
  4. thanks, its an auto so no clutch and it works fine so it'll stay an auto. Mounts etc is a good call, be an interesting January!
  5. what else is best to be tackled whilst doing the rear main oil seal? 330i touring, my car thinks its connected to OPEC with the amount its leaking out.....
  6. thank you all, appreciate the feed back on that.
  7. Can someone give me some explanation of what happens when a 330d with 190k+ starts having rattles around that area at certain times? Plus is it costly to repair? Thank you
  8. they are a car thats hard to avoid buying again
  9. Touring is ace for going away. You going to be 2 or 4 up? The coupe has a boot space of around 400 litres where as the touring has approx 450 litres and thats with the cover over the top, take that away you have more height, but with the touring you can split the rear seats if needed giving a useful increase.
  10. agreed, if the car is a keeper then have it done properly, you'll waste a lot of time and money yet it won't look great and it won't be long before it shows signs of damage again.
  11. Odd question admittadley however scenario is this. Retired parents thinking of replacing the 330i they currently have (well its mine but thats something else) Looking at saloon models and auto's only. Mainly local and/or town use, with the odd 50mile run out every now and again (infrequent) so looking at running costs mainly. If you had a 330d, would the day to day fuel costs be roughly the same as a 318i? I'd err on the 330d as the majority seem to have a better selection of options fitted. Anyhow be interested to hear on the thoughts on this.
  12. thanks you, but adaptive lights and these corner units are different (actually I've only ever seen one e46 with adaptive lighting and thats the one that was on ebay recently). Wiring isn't really my thing but I'd really like to put these on, even for the uniqueness of them.
  13. looks excellent, the leather is nappa, same as mine.
  14. Hi, I have a set of the BMW e46 OEM corner lights complete with wiring loom etc which I'm keen to fit (these are small lights in the corner within the housing of the light units), however I can't locate a wiring diagram so have no idea how these work, does anybody have an idea how these would work and how they turn on when turning the wheel? Do they come on when the indicator is activated or is it via a sensor somewhere? http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=AL32-EUR-04-2000-E46-BMW-318i&diagId=03_2191 I've yet to see another e46 with these fitted and curiosity got the better of me so I bought the set. Thanks in advance
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