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  1. Hi All after a longish spell off the road the old girl is back on the road but with a troublesome clutch gear transmission the garage thinks the clutch is on the way out as I'm running a supercharger would any of the experienced indys know if a 330d clutch would slot into a 330petrol? I'm hoping the mounting/fixings positions might be the same. I don't want to spend silly money on a race clutch just wanna squeeze another 50k out of this car before converting to a track car.
  2. IMO best avoiding aluminium thermostats the e46 m54 block ain't designed for them, if you want the best water pump go for the EP Stewart's (Bimmers) irc sourced from the USA provides 20% increased cooling capacity but be warned it takes a while to import but is bullet proof recommended for those runnings SC/compressors.
  3. To rekindle this old thread the old supercharged girl now with 225k on the clock is still pulling strong no issues with the ESS setup it is very good and robust one of these days when the children have left home and when I have the money I will eventually put the TS3 setup in. Will get around to putting the car refurbishment rebuild thread up.
  4. Yeah as above depend on budget parameters if you got the dosh buy a 2006 330i and supercharge it ftw or spend the cash on a 335d instead you won't won't be disappointed with either option
  5. FSR for sure get a good indie to install the genuine part if your based in south Somerset I can recommend a great garage. Btw get it done sooner rather than later as busted FSRs have a habit of randomly draining the battery.
  6. Hi R11ch, I appreciate your feedback I've always been a OEM parts only person in the past but the cost pressures of repairing the nearly now antique 6pot (some 16years old) led to some foolish cost cutting decisions recently I'm afraid, due to family arrival I think this may well be the last year I run this car which will be sad with 225k on the clock she still purrs like a tiger🐯 and pulls like a monster. 😜 I've now given up on ECP they clearly don't give a toss so I'll put it down as an expensive lesson learnt- pay cheap....pay twice. I won't be making the same mistake anytime soon. Take care and thanks everybody for the contributions good to know the zone is alive and well! 👍
  7. Hi Momo and Bob, thanks for your posts the ongoing saga with ECP continues despite them promising to ring me back on two occasions nobody's bothered to call, truly unbelievable how bad their customer service is. Must of spent thousands with them over the years but they lost my custom now. The replacement Alternator fitted was Bosch so far so good wish I had invested in it in the first instance. My garage also said RTX are to be avoided and had nightmare stories to share about ECP as well so will be giving GSF car parts a go from now on they can't be any worse.
  8. Hi folks and fellow e46s petrol model owners just a quick heads up that if your alternator gives up please please do not buy the RTX 100amp alternator supplied by Eurocarparts because it is complete rubbish the one I had lasted less than 100miles I.e. A couple of weeks and broke down at the worst possible moment causing untold grief and a sizeable additional unbugeted garage bill. Eurocarparts customer service team are beyond useless and are total crap 💩 too it's been a hellish and very frustrated experience it was painful enough just getting my money back on the part let alone a refund on the labour costs to install one that works properly. Over two months later and numerous emails, phones call and visits to stores to resolve I still haven't received statisfactory closure so wanted to warn you before you suffer a similiar outcome. EUROCARPARTS are best avoided please don't suffer as I have.
  9. Thanks I hope it's dust build up....will give cleaning it ago but have no code reader anymore otherwise it's gunna be another garage visit 😱......sadly just forked out £££ on replacing a brand new RTX alternator which only lasted 5weeks/600 miles!! Not living the e46 dream at the moment😣
  10. Hey all, hoping I'm posting this in the correct place but need some help. Today randomly the DSC light was flashing never seen this before.....any clues sensor related I guess? Any help thoughts appreciated.
  11. Hey all, hoping I'm posting this in the correct place but need some help. Today randomly the DSC light was flashing never seen this before.....any clues sensor related I guess? Any help thoughts appreciated.
  12. I'm no mechanic, self taught but do a lot of DIY on a petrol 330 wondering if this is final stage resistor failure related? Definitely worth checking and ruling out as this is a quite a common issue so I'm informed. As the DIY goes it is challenging as access is a PITA it i'd strongly recommend using a genuine part as it is not the type of job you'd want to do twice. 👍 As one who has had experienced electrical faults would be good to know what the problem is/was so do keep us all posted. Good luck.
  13. Fishman68

    My new 330

    Yeah should have gone to spec savers 😱🤓
  14. Fishman68

    My new 330

    Nice buddy a total bargain imo. Enjoy! 👍
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