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  1. I might sell the Azev's, il have think about it tomorrow and let you know
  2. Sorry haven't been on in a while so yea a few updates this week: ecotune decat ordered to go along with milltek box Exhaust removed Ecotune decat fitted then custom work into a 3" stainless straight pipe, all fabricated and will tig weld up tomorrow. Have also taken full measurements of decat and custom system if anyone wants one made up I will be offering these up for sale soon. how it looks so far few hours tomorrow afternoon will have it all finished and will upload more pics and do a video clip this week. Also purchased a set of these too for a wee change So need to look at fitment and see what size tyres will be best to run on them. Again more pics coming soon -
  3. Wee update full paint correction completed and coated with a ceramic coating. Azevs fully refinished and new custom made splitter added
  4. I'm going to be running 4 x fronts so 9s all round... Iv 2x 225/35 dunlops and 2x 235/35 pilot sports wonder would they be too wide for 9s
  5. does anyone know what size of tyres running on this?
  6. Gents... My drivers side xenon headlight is flickering.. Then turns off and back on a second or two later... Checked all connections and all seems tight? Any suggestions I have mot this week and need it sorted asap
  7. Need discs and pads for my 330cd front and rear.. Always stuck with genuine BMW but looking to see if there is any recommended aftermarket ones worth buying?
  8. My arches are cut and rolled so will be no issues at all
  9. I plan on fitting the spacers on front and rear.. I ran 8.5 et20 with no problems so be no problem with 15mm spacers at all. Could even go 20mm
  10. Spacers bolts and new mats... Will get fitted on Thursday
  11. Purchased mv2s for mot... Starting to grow on me... Think il fit a set of 12mm bimec spacers and bolts that I had for my m3... Should fill the arch out a bit
  12. Anyone done this before I buy a set
  13. Has anyone fitted e60 mv2s on their e46? I'm tempted
  14. Mot prep starts tomorrow need another her set of standard wheels for mot too
  15. E46 m3 bonnet on facelift coupe... Will it fit or what needs done to make it fit
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