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  1. You got to love a bit of cherry
  2. It's a good looking thing, shame there's no reviews. I'm due a new phone contract, so might be worth looking at that option too. Thanks.
  3. Can anyone recommend a decent bluetooth speaker from either Amazon or fleabay? I'm after something that's (a) a decent sound ( a good looking design To be used in the house. Not interested in Dr Dre/ Beats etc as I refuse to pay stupid prices for a 'name' brand Cheers for your suggestions
  4. Poor boys blackhole followed by Nattys blue paste wax = SHINE
  5. I once put £40 of petrol in a company transit (£100 to fill) realised and filled rest (£60) with diesel. It coughed a little, smoked a strange smoke for a while but ran ok. I think you'll be fine
  6. Cheers stubeedoo. I thought that's what it might be due to the farads symbol. Just got to work out where it goes now!
  7. Anybody got an idea as to what these may be? I bought an electric driveway gate set up (2yrs ago) and just getting round to fitting it and found these at the bottom of the box. Nothing included in instructions and have lost the sellers details. And before anyone says that it's a " time space continum transponder ".... It's not..... because I've got one of those already
  8. Now we're talking, not seen one of those for years.
  9. YAWN. It's worth what someone's willing to pay! Why is there post after post of " what's it worth? / selling advice/ help on price needed" FFS, Maybe I'm the only one that gets sick of these.... but I doubt it. Oh . in the block (auction house) £500 if your lucky.
  10. Alot of places are more inclined towards serving food/beer rather than just being/bars/clubs. That said there's still plenty around Wenceslas Square and near where the market is held, try and find the tavern/cellar type bars as these tend to be the best ones for beer/ crowd/ atmosphere/ prices. Captain Nemos is a good club but it's very hot inside so the ladies tend not to wear much BEWARE PICKPOCKETS ! The public transport is full of them and the main tourist areas too. They tend to follow you until you stop to cross a road at traffic lights or pedestrian crossing then 'dip' you. There are more through the day as they tend to get the cash then buy a 'fix' & so are spaced out by night. We saw loads of them operating and were followed on a few occasions. Avoid taxi drivers wanting to take you to gentlemans clubs too. You'll get taken to a seedy bar on the outskirts of town, ripped off and lucky to get back with any money left. That said if you keep on your toes you can still have a good time and a laugh with the lads. Try the bratwurst sausage that's for sale from the small stalls in the square on an evening too,
  11. I'll see your toaster and raise you a ..... Whisk
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