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Fitting electric seats into a non electric seat car

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Yeah you just need to lay some cables. There are a few people who have already done it.

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Fair play, still useful to know for future reference that it can be done though :) I'm in no rush luckily

im no way good with auto electrics but with a few tips i had these done and wired up in couple of hours longest part was running cables

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Ive read most of the threads about retro-fitting electric seats on most of the forums and they are very helpful. Ive chose to pay someone to do all the wiring because i havnt got a clue and dont fancy tackling it, but my problem seems to be different and a serious one. I recently bought some electric memory seats out of a pre-facelift e46 in good working condition. I have a 54plate facelift e46. Basically the holes in the seats runners dont seem to match up with the alignment of the bolts in the floor. The width of the seats bracket is shorter than the width of the bolts on the floor. Did they make changes between the pre-facelift and the facelift model? So do I need adapters or won't they fit?

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