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High Petrol Consumption - Code 2781

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Just had my car hooked up to a diagnostic machine and the only code it is throwing at us is '2781 camshaft sensor inlet' would the make the car use more petrol than normal, ie 40miles to 1/4 of a tank? Also is this easy to change?

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IIRC You need a 32mm spanner to remove the vanos solenoid and then a simple hex bit to unbolt the sensor, simple job with the right tools, routing for the plug can be a bit of pain, get a genuine sensor as the cheap one I bought whilst made an improvement did not work 100% as good as good spare I removed from the spare engine.

Simple enough yes.

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hmmm well my cam sensor manifested itself by producing a random huge flat spot and eventually the car became difficult to start when hot on the odd occasions, got worse and worse in both instances, petrol consumption was generally pretty consistent to be honest, maybe you need to check out your MAF as well mate ???

FWIW both my 330's have averaged the same MPG combined within a couple of MPG, 27.1 at worst and 34.0 at best (Thats mainly A Road driving with plenty of blasting past idiots doing 40 - 50 and the usual glut of trucks), Mostly I get 31mpg average tho, very little sitting around in heavy city traffic.

I didn't have any warning lights either when my cam sensor went either.

Ouch, I just noticed Dazza, you got a 318 ?? idiot here thought you had a 330 for some reason !!!!

I doubt the cam sensor is in the same place on your sewing machine mate :)

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