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What Have You Done To Your Car Today? Volume 2

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Still looks better than that awful Renult Twizy or whatever they call it!

I parked it next to one of those. They're just terrible. Not even fitted with doors

I dunno, I think the Twizzy is quite cool. I prefer the look of it to the i3. In any case, if I were to go for an electric it would only be to commute in so the Twizzy would suit me fine (with the optional doors).

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Cleaned out the idle valve, it was not too bad really but the boot was split so ive put some self amalgamating tape round the split to get it to work and back today, new boots should be in tomorrow morning.

It shouldnt take long tomorrow as I flipped the hose clamps so they can be accessed from above.


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It is!

Reception has been universally positive to the car (looks aside) from all who have been in it. Awesome performace, and so quiet inside.

I can imagine they are good inside but God they ugly, you compare that to the i8 and you just think "what we're bmw thinking?" it could of been so so much better looking.

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Agreed. It does grow on you though, something the 3 series hasn't done yet :( (either the current one or the e9*)

Fair point. Loved my old e46 and as time passes loving the e90 even more.

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Yesterday I did this


That's a once in a life time kind of thing right there! Be proud of yourself, no matter how staged it was.

Remastered the art of efficient acceleration!


I did have 4* anticipation, until I had to stop quickly as some lights changed, and it wiped it all out :(

Drag racing M3's from one set of lights to another? ^_^

Seems like a really fun yet dangerous feature, are there any more 'challenges'?

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