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What Have You Done To Your Car Today? Volume 2

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Gave the inside a proper clean which was long overdue, treated the leather and

cleaned all the glass inside and out, used some back to black on the faded mirror surround

plastic which worked a treat and now looks like new 

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2 hours ago, De Sisti said:

Cleaned much of the mold out of the windscreen washer resevoir and replaced washer fluid

(after windscreen washers became blocked).

Yes it makes a big difference cleaning out the system when it gets blocked up.

I had to clean mine twice as the first time I did it there was some gunge left and I dislodged it, so it quickly blocked the filter again.

For me I found the best way to clear it for good was to use a bottle brush inside the tank to scrub it, then remove the pump (just pulls out by hand), clean the filter on the pump, and get to work with a hose and the bottle brush again to get rid of the last of the growth inside the tank. I then filled and drained the tank a few times to let the any last bits of gunge pass through, using the bottle brush again to remove any left over. I kept my thumb over the hole where the pump goes in so I could fill and drain it.

I then changed my screnwash, it was the STP summer concentrate that caused mine to gunge up, with the 25ml squeezy dosing bottle per 2.5 litres.

Now I'm using the Sonax dosing bottle stuff and that seems fine. I used the Eurocarparts -60C stuff last winter and that seems fine too (diluted of course) and doesn't seem to cause gunge.

I now have to tackle my headlamp washers as they're getting jammed open and leaking sometimes, and then if I use them again they don't leak, I think some of the gunge that built up previously has formed inside those parts and is causing the valve to jam open.

It's good to get these jobs done before winter comes!

Next job for me is to get some new exhaust clamps, I fitted a new centre box a couple of years ago and the clamps from Eurocarparts have rotten badly, the new exhaust part hasn't lasted well either (original brand EBerspacher (sp?) from EBay, not original quality it seems). Hopefully I can just replace the clamps and not need another new box, if I do I might get a decent second hand BMW one as they last a long time. Shame as the original box was probably okay, it just had a tiny crack in the bottom letting a drip of water out, and no corrosion, wish I'd left it alone now.

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32 minutes ago, De Sisti said:

I've since learned that Milton's Steralising Fluid (you know, the one used on babies bottles)

is good for cleaning out the windscreen washer bottle. 

I wonder if it breaks the crap down can you leave one in there?

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