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What Have You Done To Your Car Today? Volume 2

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cheers mate. No, sadly not, i'm a home owner now and its gone back - f**k finance!

I'm back in my old 323i saloon I had a couple of years back :)

So next week new coilover and style 32 ? :lol:

This followed by chimpchokers post :lol:

Ah nice one Feva, nice upgrade sadly something I cannot afford for a while now

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not today but on sunday i messed about with my car, albeit unintentionally.

Drove to Blackpool saturday night hit the mother of all potholes and bottomed the front end out and cracked my expansion tank. Not having the number for my breakdown with my insurance to hand, their website being useless and them being shut i had no way of getting it recovered.

I had a spare expansion tank at home in Stokport, so I got bladdered got the train home the next day went to work 13.00=00.30 then got the mrs to drive me back up to blackpool with my expansion tank, fitted it in the pissing blackpool rain in a car park and realised it had cracked because it dislodged the bottom of the rad and pushed the tank into the pulley, so re fitted the rad and all that jazz and off i went.

got home at about 03.00

fun times.

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Replaced radiator - £50 from ECP. The old one had bowed so much at the bottom I thought I had the wrong replacement at first.

Also, I'm considering trying Forte Seal Conditioner to reduce oil consumption through valve stem seals. Has anyone else tried this or know if it is any good?

Cheers, Dan.

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