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What Have You Done To Your Car Today? Volume 2

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Dropped it at my local mechanic for some new brake lines, might be able to get all my braided hoses on now :)

My car does not want new brake lines LOL

Fuel tank bolts are putting up a huge fight, proper rusted on.

Car is screaming out for an underside restoration :D

If you don't need them mate my car needs some new ones you can drop them off when up north.

Hate to see them going to waste.

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Fitted some cheapy FK Street Coilovers.......ride is surprisingly good. Quite impressed really.


Gave the bodies and springs 3 coats of clear lacquer on Friday before I fitted them to try and avoid the onset of corrosion.





At its lowest setting....probably not very practical but looks good..


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Best in the world mate.... Still pinching my self, fist B.M.W

How did I survive :-)

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Cheers Lewis330m

So so made up first real drive home was amazing... My mate took me to see the little lady in his x5 ,on the way back gave her some beans and left him for dust... i know its no competition but it was rude not too

Remap is on the way ... But Gonna do the bushes first

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I've fitted wishbone polys this evening. What a 'mare I had with the undertrays! :mad:

Whole job took me 3hrs. Getting the old lollipops off and the new ones on took half an hour max. to do both sides. If I ever have to do anything that involves the dropping the undertrays, I think I'll get a garage to do it. The car really needs to be on a 2-post lift, doesn't it?

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