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325i Misfire

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Hi all,

Friends car has been running rough recently so went over and did a code read and came back with the following faults...



Car struggles to start, but misfires when running and smells rich from the exhaust?

Is it the Vanos failing or could it be something else??

Cheers for any help...


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I don't know how to read that gumph properly, but from experience cam and crank position sensors are a good place to start, coil packs are prone to failure eventually as well.

Both parts are quick and easy to change, maybe your friend could borrow another petrol owners parts and trial by error unless some diagnosis guru can answer your question properly :)

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I will also mention that the rubber air intake boot was severely split on inspection, and there was also burning fail's on cylinders 1, 2, and 3 originally before i cleared the codes

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