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My California influenced 330i ZHP

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Hello all, not a regular poster on here, can usually be found on PistonHeads with the same username.

Not had a chance to show off my E46 330i Sport, it's a September 2003 car I bought in December 2011 when I was 19. I wanted it to be a bit different to all the other modified E46s out there, in my opinion some of them look crap when people go down the Euro route, and they end up all looking the same, so I did the opposite and have gone down the US route.

Here's how the car looked when I picked it up...

Here is how it looks today...
E46 330i ZHP by tlynchie, on Flickr
E46 330i ZHP by tlynchie, on Flickr

The main modifications I've done being fitting HSD DualTech Coilovers, all round amber lights to replace the clear ones and a set of Style 68 wheels. Before you all ask, no I don't run the Cali plates anywhere other than parked up for photos and at shows.
It's not a show car this by any means though, it gets used hard, goes on track and enjoyed throughly. It's a keeper for sure. Hope you all like, please feel free to comment, I will pop up some more photos a bit later.
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Just a few more random older ones of the E46...
On track at Donington:
XSP_0624-14 by tlynchie, on Flickr
XSP_0568-10 by tlynchie, on Flickr
And no, that 1M didn't get past me until the main straight :P
bmwtree by tlynchie, on Flickr
Who said the Estate is more practical?
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US cars have side reflectors on the bumpers

Looks nice though :)

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