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My parents + alcohol + ebay =

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Them buying me this:

My old man has a 3500 SD1 and I've always wanted one tbh, and he saw this and bought it for me, random as hell but gotta say im very made up!
It's a 2.6 and it's auto, but it looks very very clean. Plus my dad having sd1s for the last 30 years means he has a few spare v8's and manual boxes kicking about, major win!
Plan is to v8/manual it, get the vitesse bits on it, some different wheels hopefully use some adapaters as the stud pattern is 5x127 and its hard to come by decent wheels
it will be purely as a 2nd car/show car and come in handy for when i bend the 46 drifting it.
heres a few pics of my dads too for an idea of how cool they can look with little work.



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Nice car mate, my uncle had a couple of 3500s over the years and he used to take me out in it every so often for a blast

yeah, ive always liked them my Dads had about 25 of them since I was a kid. Had a big smash in one in North Wales when I was about 3 months old and one guy died (the guy who pulled out causing the crash) and the other cars were trashed yet we all came away unscathed, so I think thats partly why he's stuck with them.

How awesome are your parents!

haha very!

My dad worked with a bloke at Huddersfield who had a v8 with straight through pipes it sounded wicked,one of them noises you never for get as a kid.im so jealous what more can I say.

They do sound sweet the v8's

my neighbour always had the same as your dads! they dont hang about do they?

aye, not bad for an old girl and considering the size of them

You do realise all they are doing is spending your inheritance ^_^

Fair play though, its nice when olds do things like that for you.

haha ah well there's always the house ;) got a fair few years yet they've just turned 50 so sod inheritance for now.

Look up the vid of the police one driving a live liver across London for a transplant, well worth watching!

Here it is:


Awesome, my dad used to have an ex dibble SD1. It was white and he got the cosworth blue/grey/white tiger stripes put onto it (sounds grim now but was awesome early 90s) ill try and find a pic

it was bloody rapid though, I know when he sold it to buy a vitesse as he'd always wanted one he was proper gutted/ The chap he sold it too had a twin plenum vitesse and he said this ex police one was miles quicker.

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